Wasting time with Free Agency

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by minxi501, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. minxi501

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    Not much would make me happier to see the Patriots win another Super Bowl, I've been a Pat's Fan since I've been old enough to appreciate football. I'm getting a little sick of the Patriots sticking to signing mediocre/unknown/risky football players that frankly don't have that much upside if u ask me. Take for example last year's free agent signings; Chad Brown, Beisel, Scott, Starks. The Patriots decided to be cheap as usual and get a bunch of players that, for one were risky and unreliable at best and perhaps thats why we didn't win the super bowl last year. As a Pats fan, I must say it irritates me to not even hear about the Patriots taking interest in somebody like Lavar Arrington for instance. He is a quality player, that would certainly fill a need on the Patriots roster, and cost less than McGinest (had we kept him @ $8.5mil). As a Pats fan, I almost HAVE TO trust Belicheck and Pioli, hell they've one us 3 Super Bowls, but I'm getting bored with not hearing anything ever about the Patriots free agent interests, and getting bored with what uninteresting players they MIGHT go after, especially after watching other teams snatch up big name free agents before they Patriots get a chance (not that they would consider any big names anyway). Not trying to offend anyone, but just trying to voice my opinion, and see what other people have to say about this.
  2. Scott37

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    Yes last year was not the best as far as off season moves, but what do the names Harrison, Colvin and Dillon mean to you, just to name a few?
  3. pats1

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    Can you say a PERFECT example of the point I made in the Mawae thread?

    One season, and suddenly we've gotten greedy and rebellious.
  4. RayClay

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    Phifer Vrabel Patten Andruzzi Compton B. Hamilton A. Smith.

    Patience is a virtue, my friend.

    You can be the first one to buy that new electronic gizmo for $2,000.

    Me and Piolichick are quite happy to pay $400 for the same thing months later. :D
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  5. shirtsleeve

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    I appreciate your frustration, but chasing big names and big contracts is how to lose. But to lose with flash, if thats a consolation? Have you not watched with glee as these guys consistently produce unbelievable teams without the flashy big name free agents? Look at the number of injuries the team was bitten by in two of the last three years. If ANY other team in the league had suffered the same injuries, they would be in the running for Reggie Bush right now. No other team in the league has anywhere NEAR the depth we do.
    I watched a spot about a year ago on ESPN about the Pats. It asked what made us so great, where we did it with so few "superstars". The answer was that most Personnel types in the league said that the Pats, only having a couple of "red" or elite players, Had by far the most "blue" or next level players of any team in the league. It went on to say that many personnel types felt that the 42 or 43 player on the Pats was definitely better than the #22 or 23 of most teams.

    You cant get that way by throwing big money at a few players. Regardless of who they are. You take a bunch of very good players, pay them adequately and coach the hell outta 'em.

    Welcome to the Machine!
  6. CrazyDave

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    Personally, "interesting' players don't intrest me.
    Winning intrests me. It's all about value and depth.
    You get a "big name", he gets hurt, then what?
  7. PATSNUTme

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    Hell, I'm sure that if BB & scott knew that you were getting bored they would jump in head first and sign one of those "glamor" FA's, just for you.

    But, I think that they are preoccupied now with putting together a team that will compete for a championship. That is what they are all about, anything less is failure to them.

    Besides they may have deals in place right now but won't announce it until they think the right time is.

    Vrable, Colvin, Dillon, Harrison, and a host of others are players that they brought to the Patriots. If that track record and the draft picks aren't good enough for you to have a little faith, I don't know what would be.:eek:
  8. Willie55

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    If you want excitement during free agency, become a Redskins fan. They sign everybody.

    If you want excitement during the season, up to, and including the Super Bowl, stick with the Pats.
  9. BelichickFan

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    The first week of free agency is for desperate teams looking to overpay. We aren't involved in that.
  10. shirtsleeve

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    Woops! Missed that it was your first post! Welcome to the board Minxi!
  11. DaBruinz

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    If you appreciate football, then you would understand that Arrington is ONLY a GREAT TALENT, but not a team player. He's a freelancer and doens't play within the system. That's not a good thing for the Patriots.

    Also, complain all you want about the Pats last year, but Starks wasn't a free agent and Chad Scott played well until a shoulder injury felled him. Beisel was in his 1st year as an ILB and Brown had been a Pass Rushing OLB for a majority of his career. Beisel was a project who wasn't supposed to have to start immediately.

    Also, if you followed the Patriots, you'd know that the Patriots have accelled at being able to take young veteran players (4-5 years), bring them into the Pats system, and have them accel. That is what the Pats did with Andruzzi and Vrabel.

    The Pats have also had pretty good luck bringing in veterans like Colvin, Harrison and Dillon (via trade).

    You have to look at the WHOLE picture. The Patriots aren't going to break the bank this season. Why? Because they have several KEY players who become free agents next year. Getting them signed to contract extensions are a BIGGER priority than getting a big name free agent. Or would you rather lose Seymour, Branch, Graham, and Koppen? Then you would be on here complaining about the Pats brass not re-signing those key players.
  12. Mike the Brit

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    Absolutely. :rocker:

    The Pats are bottom feeders when it comes to free agency -- they're looking for guys that others have neglected and/or thought to be over the hill who can do a useful job. In part, it's because they don't have the cap room of other, less successful franchises. What's more, their system is different from what most other teams used (at least until recently) and so players can have value to the Pats who don't have value elsewhere -- but also vice versa.
  13. minxi501

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    Yes last year was not the best as far as off season moves, but what do the names Harrison, Colvin and Dillon mean to you, just to name a few?

    Those three players I don't believe are the best examples. Look at Dillon for instance, had a great season to start (behind a great offensive line), played poorly last year between injuries, and is now grossly overpaid (5years, 25million for a 30yr+ running back w/injuries). I for one am not comfortable w/Dillon as a starting running back for next year. Colvin was seriously injured, and now is fully recovered and starting to earn what he is getting paid. Harrison was a key contributor, and now is getting towards the end of the road, if he can even make a full recovery from last year's injury. I'd say out of the three (Colvin, Harrison, Dillon), the Patriots made decent moves, maybe overpaid Colvin a little bit, Dillon's extension was rediculous especially at his age, and Harrison is really a wild card at this point. I'm glad to have Colvin and Harrison, not sure about Dillon anymore. I appreciate the point you're trying to make, but if you're telling me you don't think it's in the teams best interest to pursue somebody like Arrington, or even Ty Law for that matter, all I can say is stats don't lie. Law had 10 int's last year, that's a justifiable reason to pay him serious money, and w/the amount of turnovers caused by the defense last year (or lack of turnovers for that matter), I'd say we could certainly use some help there. Once again, I value winning a super bowl more than having the Patriots send half the team to the Pro Bowl, but with the cap being raised, and the Patriots having some room to work, I'd like to see them get a proven player who demands a middle level or so salary as opposed to, a dozen players willing to take the minimum salary. Why would a player take a mininum salary if he thought he compete at the same level with somebody who is making much more?
  14. BelichickFan

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  15. SVN

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    Right . And as far Lavar Arrington goes, he is more overhyped i believe. Heard so many times he plays his own game and doesnt like to take on guards and do the dirty stuff.Joe gibbs couldnt set him right. i am not sure i want the pats looking at him.
    Also Pats signings/extensions are also usually discovered when the wire news comes up or someone checks the salary status of players.They never come out and announce much of the deals they do and considering this yrs free agency pool , its as difficult to decide what deal not do do than to do it.
  16. BelichickFan

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    Clayton, or someone, said Arrington's looking at a signing bonus in the $13M range. He gave back $4M or so just to become a FA. That name need not be mentioned.
  17. hwc

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    Both of those players are represented by Carl and Kevin Poston. The Pats will never consider another player represented by those two agents. They wouldn't take a look at Jim Brown if he were a Poston client. Life is too short.
  18. IcyPatriot

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    This years FA class has more than a few capable backup/p.t. starter players. I see Belichick and Pioli grabbing a few of these. My favorites are Leber and Wright.
  19. patsox23

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    not that it matters, but I'm assuming the "personnel types" said/meant the Patriots have fewer "blue" or elite players, but far more "red" types.
  20. RayClay

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    Maybe the Pats should put a clause in the contract that they're not allowed to be injured.

    LOGIC REALITY CHECK. Because the three biggest F.A. acquisitions have had injuries, we should concentrate MORE of our cap money on high priced free agents??????


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