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    Just thought I would drop by and give a little intro to myself.

    I hail from Gardner, Mass, and am webmaster of a fansite I just created like a week ago, Patriots Pride.

    I have been a fan of the Pats since the late 70's when my pop got me into football. Even since then I have been with the team, through the bad times and now the great times.

    Its actually funny, I was looking at Indy Star (I am awaiting an email interview from Bob Kravitz on the upcoming game) and saw a link where one Colts fan said there was actual civil discussions going on with opponents. I am getting tired of the Patriots Yahoo board, so I joined a few fan forums.

    Anywho, I hope I can contribute some to this wonderful community.
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    Are you going to let Aqwaaaaah douch,become a member for free or does he have to pay all his bills first?
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    Since when did I become a feminine hygiene product?

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