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Was there some Raider blood in Gabriel spilled out last week?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Nov 20, 2006.

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    Assuming Doug Gabriel was healthy and I did not see him on the injured list I am assuming sometime shortly after the fumble in the Jets game he was benched and probably mouthed off A.K.A. Randy Moss or Jerry Porter and was on BB's Crap list and did not play in the packers game,A bit of the Raider hostility may have settled in and said something he should not have to the staff and/or other players with some type of frustration..Thats about as best as I can think of as to why he was a ZERO factor in today's game,He certainly would have played otherwise IMO,We know the Patriots keep negative stuff out of the media as best they could to avoid drama like T.O. or Moss so I guess we did it quietly and hope he gets back on the field this week against the bears..We need all the big receivers we can get against those very physical bears corners and safeties which prey on the little tiny receiver guys.
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