Was it me or did the Pats look loose tonight

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by abejarano12, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. abejarano12

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    i don't know about everyone else but tonight I saw a team that was having fun and not as tight as they have been since TB got hurt? Plus they played with alot of heart something to me that was missing for awhile. Maybe something snapped that the team remembered who they are and played like it.:D
  2. Rob0729

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    Re: Was It Me or Did the Pats look loose tonight.

    I heard before the game that Rodney said that all season the team was too tight because they felt they had to be perfect without Brady and were still in shock. They said this week they decided to just have fun again.
  3. Patdown93

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    Re: Was It Me or Did the Pats look loose tonight.

    They did mention in the pregame that the Patriots practice was more loose. They looked like they were having fun and such things.
  4. WhiZa

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    Re: Was It Me or Did the Pats look loose tonight.

    Not to take anything away from the Pats, they were able to execute. It's easy to look loose against the 3rd worst D in the league and an offense with an injured starting QB, RB, and TE.
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  5. Chevy

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    Re: Was It Me or Did the Pats look loose tonight.

    I fully expeced a Denver win tonight - by a fairly large margin.

    Watching the game, it seemed to me that these guys remembered that even without Brady they had talent up and down the roster.

    The offense played exceptionally well - even with Cassel holding the ball far too long far too often.

    Just some randomeness:

    - Kevin Freakin' Faulk ... How critical has he been to this dynasty?

    - BenJarvus Green-Ellis ... Loved the way he dropped his shoulder and took it to the defense rather than dance or dive.

    - As Fitzy would say ... "White Wes Welker!" ... a QB's best friend

    - While they gave up yards (due to inexperience and scheme) ... Wilhite and the rest of the young'uns looked pretty good - the added speed was nice to see

    - Speaking of speed ... Is Mayo really that fast?

    - Seymore!!! Showed that power and speed we knew he still had.

    - VW ... No more personal fouls, ok?

    - Sammy Morris ... we really need him to come back. 138 on 16 carries?

    They remembered who they were. 53 talented players under the direction of the best coach in the business. Now they need to carry it forward - next week brings on a reborn Rams team.
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