Warren, Wilson, Scott, and Caldwell salaries

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    I compared their 2007 base salaries on NFLPA.org to Miguel's latest numbers, and these four players have the following changes:

    Ty Warren:

    Miguel's page: $875,000
    NFLPA.org: $1,075,000

    Eugene Wilson:

    Miguel's page: $595,000
    NFLPA.org: $2,070,000

    Chad Scott:

    Miguel's page: $720,000
    NFLPA.org: $1,220,000

    Reche Caldwell:

    Miguel's page: $1,000,000
    NFLPA.org: $1,550,000


    NFLPA.org active player search database numbers are somewhat official, and are what Miguel uses to compile his salary cap pages. It's likely these players triggered some type of incentives.
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    I'll take your word for it, I wonder what type of incentive Geno Wilson hit.

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