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    Send an Email to your favorite mediot or call in your fave sports talk show and utter this...." Yes, Hello Mr. Clayton I think the Patriots biggest advantage this sunday is at the kicker position. I noticed Vinatieri's kickoffs usually land on or about the 20. While Gostkowski of the Patriots consistently gets touchbacks. This could very well be a big advantage in the field position game. Plus while Vinatieri is often credited with being clutch he really doesnt have enough leg to hit for over fifty yards. As far as clutch goes I know its heresy to mention because so many give him single handed credit for 2 superbowls but he almost cost the Pats the game against Carolina as he missed a 31 yarder and had another blocked. If he had missed that last one against Carolina he probably would have his old tired leg out of the league by now. Discuss
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    Vinatieri used to be able to hit 'em, you know. But I'm not going to cry if he shanks a 50-yarder tomorrow. :)
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