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    Walt Anderson's crew has done ten games ( off weeks 5 and week 10)this year.
    They have called a total of 145 accepted penalties for 1090 yds or
    14.5 penalties for 109 yds per game for both teams. A quick check of the stat sheets reveals....

    Of the 145... roughly

    40 false starts

    10 delay of game
    3 12 men on field
    4 illegal formation
    3 neutral zone
    25 holding
    12 offsides
    1 holding on kickoff
    3 D holding
    3 grounding
    5 illegal shift
    3 rough passer
    2 encroachment
    9 illegal block kickoff/punt
    1 illegal use hands
    1 illegal pass
    3 facemask
    1 ineligble downfield
    2 unnecessary roughness
    1 illegal kick (V. Morency- haven't figured that one out)
    2 illegal contact
    3 Offensive PI
    6 Defensive PI 3 others declined
    General conclusions, while pass interference calls are down leaguewide,
    this crew has called has called few, on average less than two a game.
    I don't know the average of false starts leaguewide but watching this crew it seems that they call it alot. It could also be the caliber of team they are officiating.
    This is from a quick scanning of the numbers and I'm sure if I went back and
    triplechecked the numbers would be tweaked....
    Does it mean anything for tonight? Maybe, maybe not...
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