Vrabel injury

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    For those who weren't in the game thread, I posted some screenshots of it:

    MoLewisRocks also gives a good account:

    Guy coming in behind him clipped him with a knee as he barreled over him along the sidelines after the INT (as Vrabel was going down on his own inbounds). He stayed bent over almost on all fours and the trainers immediately were called in. They finally got him up and lugged him to the sidelines. Looked wobbly like the ankle (which looked bent in his squat) or knee, but it could have just been he was almost out cold. They mostly talked to him on the bench, and later he was smiling and looked to be thinking about getting up when the camera panned off him.
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    BB just pretty much said in his PC that Vrabel is OK. Likely just got his bell rung. DeOssie also said Vrabes and Tedy were clowning and slapping each other on the sidelines after the game.

    I think the same could be said for Maroney after just seeing a replay. Took a hit to the head and was making that hands across the eyes sign to the sidelines as he trotted out.
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    Good to hear about Maroney. A more serious concussion would probably not have him trotting off the field under his own power.
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    I am glad to hear that about both...Vrabel would be a big loss...following Seau...Maroney was a big one and that really hurt the run game..Corey was tough as he has been..Pass even added a bit..plus a costly fumble..but..the main thing is a victory...
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    Globe photo, Jim Davis:

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    Thanks for the photo...I am assuming that was right afterwards?

    I felt as sick as I could have imagined waiting to make sure Vrabel was okay...the guy has seemed indestructible at times...and his departure would kill us, methinks...

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