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  1. AndyJohnson

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    That was not the comment I was responding to.
    The question is whether a FB is worth those few plays a game or whether having an OL do it gets us more benefit elsewhere.
    Leach made 4.2 mill last year.
  2. AndyJohnson

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    OK, if you want to have a 2rb 2 TE 1 wr offense with Tom Brady as your QB because a FB can catch dumpoffs, great. I do not agree.
  3. supafly

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    I can't say that I personally agree with you as much in terms of wanting him (or really any FB) here, but you have some fine points. I just didn't see a FB working out too well lately for us, and despite your point that Leach is better than the 2 I listed--they were both more than fine in their respective roles on other teams, so I'm not sure if it's that much of a sheer talent question as it may be a need, or lack thereof for the position itself.

    The debate of course as always, will be whether Belichick agrees or not, and that is really anyone's guess :cool:
  4. shmessy

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    Who says it has to be 2RB 2TE 1WR?

    With Leach in, it could be 2RB 1TE 2WR.

    Leach has hands and can catch passes. But with him in there, D's would have to crowd the box, giving Brady more leeway.

    Once again, it would be a LOOK for the offense. Not the entire offense every play.

    Plus, he's a helluva lot better than any RB we currently have to protect Brady aginst blitzes.
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  5. AndyJohnson

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    The post that I was responding to.

    Taking Gronk or Hernandez off the field?

    Catching a dump off is not helping the passing game.
    Defenses will not oversell to stop the run vs Tom Brady.

    And once again, the argument I was responding to was not the one you are offering here.

    That is debatable.
  6. tonyto3690

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    If we had two speedsters on the outside, and only one quality TE, yeah sure, I'd be open to a 2WR, TE, FB, RB set.

    But we don't.

    We have Danny Amendola as our outside deep threat; along with two elite TEs that need to be on the field every down.



  7. captain stone

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    We currently have only one quality/elite TE, because we have absolutely no idea if Gronk will be good to go
    by Opening Day, or Week 2, or Week 3,...

    I also wouldn't place too much trust in Brandon Bolden or LeGarrett Blunt either.

    Therefore, I feel that there's plenty of room for Vonta Leach here.
    At $4.2M? Of course not. At $2.4M? Maybe, maybe not, but we're getting much closer.
  8. supafly

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    You bring up some reasonable points, Captain. The only things that would concern me as far as bringing in another FB (whether it's Leach or not), would be the removal of one of the TEs in certain situations/specific formations, the fact that it didn't seem to go over too well lately in past situations, the fact that Belichick actually gave up a draft pick for Blount, and the acquisition of Tim Tebow--who could in theory be used as a lead blocker in these kinds of situations without tipping off the defense as much.

    We'll have to see how it plays out. I personally wouldn't see it happening but the personal who makes all of the important decisions just might.
  9. manxman2601

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    And don't forget George Winn who served as a lead blocker for Isaiah Pead in Cincinnati.
  10. captain stone

    captain stone Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

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    I didn't know that about Winn. If he's willing & able, then he's already a better blocker than Bolden & Blunt,
    and is obviously a better runner than Develin & Bartholomew. He also has STs experience.
    Having a RB/FB who can both run & block a bit could be a position saver, e.g.: Heath Evans, Greg Jones,
    Jason Snelling, James Casey. The Law Firm wasn't good at it, but perhaps Winn could be an exeption.

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