Vollmer's play vs. Bucs

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    This was a much harder game to make a straightforward summary. There were as lot of plays that were not clear-cut where it was harder to give a simple judgment of Vollmer's play.

    Even though he had some top plays, in general my impression was that he was not as solid in his execution as he was against the Titans. His tendency not to hold blocks is still there. In addition, it became more visible that he tends to make his initial blocking contact by using his arms in an initial push back but then doesn't immediately follow up with contact which leaves his block free to make a move. Against a mobile DE like Freeney, I could see Vollmer getting killed. Since he blocks mainly with his arms and upper body, it can freeze his feet and render him momentarily stationary and slow to reengage or stay with his block. If he continues to block this way for the most part, he's not going to be able to be a solid OT.

    Q1-9:00 = really excellent pass blocking - outlet to Welker 7 yds behind LOS. maintained block during play set up. then when his guy broke outside towards Welker, Vollmer pursued and took him out turning 5 yard loss into 3 yard gain.

    Q1-2:28 = excellent pulling screen block - key to the TD - he took out safety sliding to cover Welker in motion and then pursued the block downfield to allow Welker to cut behind him for TD (and took out guy slipping off Mankins downfield block at the same time)
    Q1-0:27 = poor run blocking - didn't drive his guy back and let him slip off to make tackle - 2 yd run

    Q2-6:26 = another excellent pulling screen block on CB

    Q2-5:46 = poor block for running back screen - let DE disengage and get a hand on Faulk

    Q2-4:30 = excellent run block - sealed his guy completely - 5 yd run
    Q2-4:02 = ditto

    Q2-0:52 = Vollmer had a really good engaged block carrying DE outside but then Faulk knocked the DE off of Vollmer's block which let him loose to sack Brady. Not Vollmer's fault at all, though I suspect most folks don't realize that

    Q3-7:16 = very good pass protection - gave Brady a full 5 seconds, but then Brady finally ran and got tackled. I suspect a lot of folks didn't realize that Brady was protected that long.

    4th quarter was solid - only one play less than OK - quite a few good driving blocks on running plays.

    All in all a mixed bag. I'll reiterate that I think he lets up on his blocking a little too soon on a lot of plays. It seems all too likely that he could get burned against a top DE.

    On the other hand, the Patriots played almost the whole game strong to the right side leaving Vollmer to handle his assignments one on one. 4th quarter did have quite a few 2 TE sets.

    Summary of all plays including the ones mentioned above:
    2 excellent pass protections
    2 excellent pulling screen blocks
    9 very good pass protections
    8 good pass protections
    7 OK pass protections
    4 poor pass protections
    1 poor running back screen
    1 very poor pass protection

    2 excellent run blocks
    7 very good run blocks
    4 good run blocks
    5 OK run blocks
    4 poor run blocks
    1 very poor run block
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    Re: Vollmer's Play vs Bucs

    Great analysis. I guess the one question I have is how that stacks up against Light or other members of the OL? Are the numbers of poor and very poor plays an amount that is equal to most other OL?
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