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VJCPatriot's 2010 NFL Mock Draft Post-Combine Edition

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by VJCPatriot, Mar 10, 2010.

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    I am doing this mock as how the teams should pick, not how they will pick. That means no knuckle headed drafting for the Skins and Raiders who NEED to hit on their pick this year if they hope to hit .500 mark or better.

    2010 NFL Draft

    Round 1

    1. St. Louis (1-15). Ndamukong Suh DT. This team has a LOT of holes. They need to start rebuilding by adding the best player in the draft and the best defensive college player in the country. Look for a QB in round 2.
    2. Detroit (2-14). Gerald McCoy DT. The second best defensive player in the nation helps shore up a sorry defense. Detroit still needs an LT but Okung doesn't look elite enough to trump McCoy's benefits.
    3. Tampa Bay (3-13). Dez Bryant WR. Tampa Bay needs an injection of offense. This gives Freeman a weapon to throw to. Move over Clayton, there's a new #1 in town. This reminds me of the Fitzgerald/Boldin combo in the making.
    4. Washington (4-12). Jimmy Clausen QB. Tough kid, big arm. Can throw on the run. He'll need to because he has no offensive line around him. Skins need to prioritize OT in round 2.
    5. Kansas City (4-12). Russel Okung OT. This was easy. Cassel needs more than 1.5 seconds to throw. This big guy might give it to him.
    6. Seattle (5-11). Sam Bradford QB. Seattle would have loved for Dez Bryant to drop this far. Now they'll have to look to address another need. How about QB? With Wallace gone and Hasselbeck retired, they need another signal caller. Brett Favre is NOT walking through that door... we think.
    7. Cleveland (5-11). Eric Berry FS. Cleveland needs a lot of defensive help. Eric Berry looks like the next Ed Reed, and that will help their defense a lot.
    8. Oakland (5-11). Dan Williams DT. The Raiders' defense needs a run stuffer. Williams will help the Raiders plug up the holes in the front 7. It's not a sexy pick but it's what they need.
    9. Buffalo (6-10). Trent Williams OT. Buffalo lost Peterson and now they need to add a key piece to the OL. Williams helps them do that.
    10. Jacksonville (7-9). Jason Pierre Paul DE. The Jags really, really want to draft Tim Tebow, but 10 would be an astounding reach for him. Instead they take a guy with the upside to be the next Jason Taylor to boost an anemic pass rush.
    11. Denver - from Chicago (7-9). Derrick Morgan DE. Falls right into McDaniel's lap. Paired with Dumervil, Denver will quickly generate lots of pressure on opposing QBs.
    12. Miami (7-9) - Sergio Kindle OLB. With Jason Taylor retiring, and Porter cut, the Dolphins need fresh blood at OLB to pair with Cameron Wake. Kindle is a tough, relentless linebacker that might remind Parcells about a certain LB he once coached.
    13. San Francisco (8-8) - Bryan Bulaga OT. 49ers need to open up holes for their running game and protect their QB. Bulaga slides in from the get go.
    14. Seattle - from Denver (8-8) - Bruce Campbell OT. Seattle needs to keep their new QB upright. Carrol's regime starts off with a bang. They will look for a receiver or RB in round 2.
    15. New York Giants (8-8) - Rolando McClain MLB. Need meets talent. McClain's slide stops and the Giants plug in a run stopper and leader for their defense.
    16. Tennessee (8-8) - Joe Haden CB. The Titans need a playmaker on defense and Haden is it. He may have run a slow 40 but he is still the first CB off the board.
    17. San Francisco - from Carolina (8-8). Carlos Dunlap DE. The 49ers need to upgrade their pass rush up front and Dunlap has freakish size and speed.
    18. Pittsburgh (9-7) - Mike Iupati G. The best guard in the draft fortifies the Steeler's offensive line.
    19. Atlanta (9-7) - Sean Weatherspoon LB. Weatherspoon is a heady player and versatile athlete to plug into Dmitroff's Falcons defense.
    20. Houston (9-7) - CJ Spiller RB. The Texans RB situation is uncertain. They pick up a premiere running threat far later than would be expected.
    21. Cincinnati* (10-6) - Golden Tate WR. Cinci needs a playmaker, and Tate offers athleticism and playmaking in spades. Let's pretend they don't sign TO as well, but they probably will.
    22. New England* (10-6) - Jared Odrick DE. The Pats would really like to trade down from this spot, but if they can't, they'll take the best DL left on the board.
    23. Green Bay* (11-5) - Anthony Davis OT. Packers need to protect Rogers better for their offense to succeed.
    24. Philadelphia* (11-5) - Brandon Graham OLB. The Eagles need help at OLB and Graham gives them a passrushing threat on the outside as well.
    25. Baltimore* (9-7) - Everson Griffen DE. Griffen had a fantastic combine. With Gregg and Pryce getting OLD, Griffen fills a position of need.
    26. Arizona* (10-6) - Devin McCourty CB. Arizona's secondary got scorched in the playoffs. They get an athletic, talented kid at a position of need.
    27. Dallas* (11-5) - Roger Saffold OT. The Cowboys are stacked with talent but they need fresh blood to restock an aging OL.
    28. San Diego* (13-3) - Ryan Matthews RB. Matthews has the size and speed combo to be a feature back and the Chargers will need him after letting LDT go.
    29. New York Jets* (9-7) - Taylor Mays S. The Jets need a safety and Taylor Mays needs a new home.
    30. Minnesota* (12-4) - Kyle Wilson CB. This team is stacked and really doesn't have many glaring holes. They could use some improved corner play.
    31. Indianapolis* (14-2) - Brian Price DT. Colts need a run stopper up front. Price is a guy who can help improve this weakness.
    32. New Orleans* (13-3) - Maurkice Pouncey C. It's good to be king. Saints draft the best center in the draft and call it a day.
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  2. VJCPatriot

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    Round 2

    33. St. Louis (1-15) - Colt McCoy QB. The Rams patience is rewarded and they add a strong leader and very accurate passer to the fold.
    34. Detroit (2-14) - Charles Brown OT. A former tight end, Brown has excellent footwork to protect the QB's blindside, he just needs to work on his strength and weight.
    35. Tampa Bay (3-13) - Earl Thomas S. The Bucs want an upgrade at the safety position and grab a good one early.
    36. Kansas City (4-12) - Damian Williams WR. Matt Cassel needs more weapons in the passing game, Williams is an ultra quick guy who picks up a lot of yardage on YAC. He might be a taller version of Wes Welker and he will also contribute in the return game.
    37. Washington (4-12) - Selvish Capers OT. Washington's new QB will need a solid blocker or the pick would go to waste. Samuel's retirement also increases the urgency of drafting OL.
    38. Cleveland (5-11) - Brandon Lafell WR. Cleveland has needs everywhere but Lafell gives them a potential #1 playmaker on offense.
    39. Oakland (5-11) - Jared Veldheer OT. Veldheer is a giant of a man who solidifies the Raiders OL.
    40. Seattle (5-11) - Arrelious Benn WR. The Seahawks need offensive playmakers and Benn provides them with a big physical weapon.
    41. Buffalo (6-10) - Terrence Cody DT. Buffalo gets a huge fat man to plug up the middle of their defense. Cody is a formidable wall against runs up the middle.
    42. Tampa Bay - from Chicago (7-9) - Tyson Alualu DL. The Bucs get a big guy up front with a nonstop motor to help their run D.
    43. Miami (7-9) - Montario Hardesty RB. Dolphins need a playmaker on offense, Ronnie Brown's health is uncertain, and Rickey Williams is just old.
    44. New England - from Jacksonville (7-9) - Jahvid Best RB. The Patriots could use an explosive playmaker on offense to augment an aging RB stable. Faulk has not resigned.
    45. Denver (8-8) - Jon Asamoah OG. The Broncos improve their interior OL with this smart athletic blocker.
    46. New York Giants (8-8) - Lamarr Houston DL. The Giants add a big fast 3 tech defender to their front 7.
    47. New England - from Tennessee (8-8) - Rickey Sapp OLB. Sapp is one of the few prospects that fits BB's size/speed requirements for the position. Normally I'd advocate Misi or Hughes but I'm not sure if either is big enough for BB.
    48. Carolina (8-8) - Greg Hardy DE. Carolina plugs in the gap left by Peppers' departure.
    49. San Francisco (8-8) - Kyle Wilson CB. The 49ers try to patch up a secondary that wasn't very good against the pass last season.
    50. Kansas City - from Atlanta (9-7) - Cam Thomas NT. The Chiefs really need a cornerstone against the run for their 3-4 defense.
    51. Houston (9-7) - Nate Allen FS. Houston grabs a middle infielder to bolster their secondary.
    52. Pittsburgh (9-7) - Brandon Ghee CB. Pittsburgh needs to upgrade their secondary play.
    53. New England* (10-6) - Rob Gronkowski TE. The dreaded tight end pick. This guys is an athletic physical speciman who catches the ball well and shows toughness as a blocker.
    54. Cincinnati* (10-6) - Jermaine Gresham TE. Bengals add more weapons on offense for Palmer to throw to.
    55. Philadelphia* (11-5) - Dexter McCluster RB/WR. Eagles restock the talent in the face of a rapidly aging Brian Westbrook.
    56. Green Bay* (11-5) - Kareem Jackson CB. Green Bay's corners are good but old. They add youth to the position.
    57. Baltimore* (9-7) - Chris Cook CB. Cook has excellent size and speed for the corner position.
    58. Arizona* (10-6) - Brandon Spikes ILB. Arizona plugs the hole left by Dansby with a youngster.
    59. Dallas* (11-5) - Corey Wooten DE. Cowboys add depth to their defensive line.
    60. San Diego* (13-3) - Matt Tennant C. San Diego needs to generate push in their interior line so they can run the ball effectively. Hardwick's health concerns also factor in.
    61. New York Jets* (9-7) - Jerry Hughes OLB. Gholston is a bust and the Jets would like someone to get after Tom Brady. Failing to pressure Manning in the AFCCG also cost them.
    62. Minnesota* (12-4) - Tim Tebow QB. Minnesota has failed to develop a good QB. They roll the dice on a heady leader who's big question is delivery and arm strength.
    63. Indianapolis* (14-2) - Daryl Washington OLB. He is the type of fast, sideline to sideline LB that the Colts love. Could help provide more pressure up front.
    64. New Orleans* (13-3) - Chad Jones S. The Saints add a big, athletic safety to the middle of their D. He can also contribute on special teams on returns.
  3. VJCPatriot

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    #6 Ok so Hasselbeck hasn't retired yet. But he's on the brink. Drafting a franchise QB allows Pete to put his stamp on the team early. And yes, I think Clausen is better than Bradford, that's why I have him going first.

    #25 In retrospect, I think the Ravens would absolutely draft Gresham in this spot if he lasts this long. That whole Todd Heap retiring thing, I suppose.

    #44 I have a feeling that if JAX doesn't reach for Tebow in the 1st, that they would love to get back into the 2nd round of the draft to get him. For the right to draft Tebow, the Pats would happily take a 2010 3rd and 2011 first from Jacksonville. Then we take Ben Tate in the 3rd and will have an absolutely STACKED draft in 2011 - with our THREE 1st round picks!

    #47 I'm pretty torn on what pass rusher to go for here. I think that Hughes will be a gamebreaker, but he doesn't fit the BB's strict requirements. Misi might also rise to consideration here although he is a bit light at 244. Sapp fits BB's OLB size profile, but is he stout enough against the run? Can he drop back into coverage?

    #53 I could see us trading back from this pick to get a 3rd and 4th in this deep draft. We can easily draft a TE like Graham and a WR like Roberts with those picks. Also, I know I haven't taken a WR with any of these picks, but I think there are some good prospects in round 4 onwards. You can substitute your favorite WR left for Gronkowski if you wish.
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