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Vivica A. Fox Denies Rumors Of Alleged Sex Tape

Discussion in 'The PatsFans.com Pub' started by JackPMiller, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Vivica A. Fox Denies Rumors Of Alleged Sex Tape
    Posted on: January 15, 2008 08:12 PST

    Despite the rumor mill churning out talk of a Vivica A. Fox sex tape, it is false, the actress says.

    A rep for the 41-year-old actress denied the wild internet rumor that has run rampant over the past several. "It is not true," Fox's attorney, Lita Richardson, told AOL Black Voices.

    Just after the New Year, blogger Sandra Rose ran a blog item claiming that Fox was caught on camera performing fellatio on an "man," who "surreptitiously taped" the act and promptly emailed the footage to his friends.

    Apparently, the email was forwarded to Fox by friends, which resulted in it being passed it on to the Atlanta Police Department.

    Atlanta radio personality, Porche Foxx (an alleged friend of the actress, according to AOL), found herself in the middle of the controversy, and spoke on it during her Atlanta V103-FM radio show, in which she said that detectives were seeking her after she ranted about the alleged tape on the air in length.

    "I learned the greatest lesson about the news when I became the news," Foxx said, according to Black Voices.

    Foxx said that she didn't mention Fox's name, and is not sure how she could have spread the rumor.

    "I never said Vivica Fox made a sex tape. I said 'friend of mine' and 'it's been rumored,'" she said. "I didn't even mention Vivica Fox's name ... I'm not sure how this took off but it did."

    Fox's publicist, Kim Tumey, said via an email to SandraRose.com that the radio personality needs to check her facts and accused her of trying to be Wendy Williams.

    "Ms. Fox is a client of mine and has no boyfriend as reported by many news outlets nor has Ms. Fox been involved in any sexual acts that would ruin her reputation," she wrote. "FYI: For the record I understand that Porsche [Foxx] wants to be the next Wendy Williams, so do what Wendy does and check your sources. So, just because someone claims to be friends doesn't make it true."
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    I did her a few times... she was ehhh.

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