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    My father took me to the Hall of Fame today. We spent about 3:30 hours in there and we had a blast.

    A decent amount of Patriots things to see but really the thrills are much more than team specific. Super Bowl alley was a lot of fun every ring on display for every SB, game balls from each of the three SB wins were on display. The Road to the super bowl video was awesome and of course watching Peyton lose didn't have anything to do with that.:D.

    While in the SB area a guy pointed to a Pylon from SB43 and said to his kid that is cool and I turned and bragged that my father had a couple from the Pats SB at his house.

    By far the coolest thing I saw in their was a letter from Lamar Hunt to Pete Rozelle basically saying that after a few years of the AFL he felt the league was good enough and that it was time for the two leagues to play. Basic tone was BRING IT ON.

    Fun fact I learned. I knew of the providence Steamrollers but I did not know they were champs in 1928 (year might be off).

    The coolest Patriot related thing was by far a large display of the NFLs longest winning streak with a little plaque for each win and a football I assumed they were gameballs but not sure.

    only annoying thing on the visit was the jealous Rams fan who called us cheaters but she had it all wrong so it was kind of funny. she could care less about the Jets taping and was fixated on the alledged Rams taping (Walsh report) that was proven false.

    Definitely would recommend this to anyone on here.

    When I upload my pictures to a Comp I will post if they are any good I used my phone and the lighting wasnt always great. This will likely be a few days I wont be home and I left the adapter card at my house.
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