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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by Ochmed Jones, Apr 2, 2008.

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    Is a 6'4" 260 lb DE/OLB from Liberty. Transfer from Virginia where he had some issues.

    The sports radio guys say the Patriots are expected to work this guy out at Liberty. Has anybody heard anything about this?
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    Quick google 6"4" 255 lbs 4.75 40 (est.)

    The Virginia football program's rebuilding process began by subtraction yesterday when Al Groh announced that Ahmad Brooks, Tony Franklin and Vince Redd have been dismissed from the team.

    "It is a privilege, and not a right, to wear a Cavalier jersey and to represent our university community," Groh said. "There are certain things that are vital to putting your team together every year, and those things become in sharper focus and multiplied when you're in a rebuilding circumstance."

    Franklin and Redd were among four players who were suspended for a violation of team policy for the Cavaliers' win over Georgia Tech Nov. 12, 2005.
    Interview w/ Redd: profile:
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