Vinatieri doesn't have a GB deal

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Pats726, Mar 18, 2006.

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  2. Pats726

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    I posted it up quickly...before I read it...NOT sure what this means...except he wants aheck of a lot more....But here is where the golden boy I think misrepresents things....
    "Vinatieri is likely looking for the largest deal ever given to a kicker, which would mean an annual salary well over $2 million per season and a signing bonus north of $3 million."......That is nice to say that Adam wants to be paid the most of any kicker..Tell me if I am wrong..did the Patriots NOT offer him a deal that would make him the that? And it was Adam who wanted MORE money than that??? If so, Felger is not reporting all the facts as he knows them and is purposefully trying to stick it to the Patriots and NOT reporting what AdamV really wants...which is a boatload more.
    I read that statement of so called what Adam wants and was waiting for him to say something about what the Pats offerered him...VERY poor!! Almost Wrong Borges!!
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    From what I understand, the Pats did offer him a salary north of 2m a year but the problem was the size of the gauranteed portion. Some people have even said that there is no guaranee at all. If that's the only problem, I don't understand why Adam and the Team could not agree on a guarantee. As a kicker, and i've said this quite a bit over the last couple of weeks, he is not in as big a danger to get hurt as another player on the team. I don't know if the bonus money is really the only reason that's keeping Adam from signing. The issue really could be that Adam feels slighted that the Pats wont pay him more. He's beginning to find out however that after this visit to GB and longwell's new contract, that maybe the Pats are actually the ones who are willing to pay top dollar for him. I think Adam's head has gotten so big over all the adulation he's received and as a fan, I'm not enjoying how he has acted throughout this free agency period.
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  5. Bill's Girl

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    This keeps getting stranger and stranger.... I was dreading logging on this morning this is good news for now. Flegie did not mention any other suitors for Adam.
  6. dhamz

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    He reportedly had some pretty painful back problems 3 seasons ago and a lot of people have hinted that he did again this past season. With the way the Pats treat injuries and Adam's insistence on being treated like a football player, not a kicker we don't really know for sure.

    While he certainly isn't likely to separate a shoulder, a chronic back injury would be a major worry for a kicker.
  7. pats1

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    You gotta love how Felger doesn't even mention Caldwell's injury.
  8. SVN

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    Felger and the other writers are just going to play with the players because the players use their media contacts to get the negotiations across.The pats never do that so we will never know what Adam V was offered.Right if Adam accepts the pats deal it will be like he compromised so he wants to make it sound as if the patriots budged.I love adam but the fact that he aired his sentiments so openly before FA leads me to think he doesnt want to be here. iam pretty sure if not GB he will make a trip to dallas and if a deals go through with either teams,we will left wondering why the pats didnt match without know if they were ever given a chance or not.
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    Half of me just wants to sign another kicker right now just to stick it to Adam. This whole thing is getting ridiculous. I love AV and want him back, but the fact that we are on the edge of our seats for him is stupid. Let's get a kicker, any kicker, and move on to bigger issues in free agency, like WR. Clearly Adam will visit EVERY team that needs a kicker and as soon as 1 gives him what he wants, he's gone. We may NEVER get a chance to match an offer, so I say let's just move on now before we aren't left with any choices at all. I really don't think Adam wants to come back--no matter what the money is--which really pi$$es me off.
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  10. hwc

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    No kidding! For a frickin' kicker! Who the Pats have offered contracts at the highest pay in the leauge to for five years now and he is still busting their balls. Belichick must have the patience of a saint to deal with this whackjob.

    Even Parcells goes to the media and tells Adam, "just sign in New England" (you'd be stupid not to). This makes negotiating with the Poston Brothers look like fun.
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  11. BelichickFan

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    The guy wants to go. Just move on and let him enjoy Green Bay. If we can get Josh Brown for less or save a couple million going with a young guy I'm fine with that. Now let's sign Keyshawn and we'll have a good WR group.
  12. smg93

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    Save 1 -1.5m by signing a new kicker, add that money to a deal for KJ and we'll probably have less of those games where we need the kicker to come up big in the end. That's my view too. I'm getting tired of Adam this and Adam that. He's been great in the past for sure but I don't think he's handled his free agency situation very well this time around.
  13. lapatsfan

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    I don't blame Adam at all. I personally think that most pro athletes are grossly overpaid, however, considering what AV has done for this team, he deserves to be the highest paid kicker. Don't forget, if it wasn't for his clutch kicks, the Pats may not have any SB rings.
  14. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Adam is good as gone, he does not want to be a Patriot any more... Just my Opinion... Sad but true...
  15. italian pat patriot

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    i think that the time in NE for AV is over.
    sad but true in my opinion.

    AV was, it is and it will be a legend for the NE Patriots.

    the 45 yards kick in the snow against OAK at the last game at the old Foxboro is the best ever kick in the NFL.

    like said for Willie also for Adam i think they were two of the most important players in our franchise history.
  16. BradyisGod

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    There are a million other things that helped get those Super Bowls. I like Adam as much as the rest of them, but this is getting silly.

    PS...if you read the news, there have been several articles stating that the Patriots have offered to make him the highest paid kicker.

    He just flat out wants to leave.

    I personally think it was because he didn't get to do the drop kick :)
  17. MoLewisrocks

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    For a capologist of sorts your histrionics and name calling on this one are puzzling. A one year deal is just that, a one year deal. And a deal without a substantial signing bonus or guaranteed money is also a one year deal. His two year deal was unique in that it was guaranteed, but of short duration and for less than highest paid because it traded substantial bonus money for guaranteed salary. He has not been the highest paid in the league for the last 5 years. Multiple players have received signing bonuses that alone surpassed what Adam was making. Even last season - while he had the highest salary he was not the highest paid. Rackers was. And when the Eagles gave a kicker rehabbing a torn hammy a $2M extension bump in December he too was paid more than Adam. On some level I'm sure you know this. Which leaves me to wonder did AV kick your dog or steal your girl or something?

    We have NO REAL KNOWLEDGE of who held up whom over the last few seasons. Perhaps the team never spoke long term deal with Adam on the assumption they were better served paying as they go. All I know is he showed up tagged and never *****ed. In fact he said the arrangement was not an issue much as the local media tried to make it one.

    I have yet to hear a credible source report what Adam wants, merely what he doesn't want. Just lots of increasingly hysterical speculation from talk show blowhards. Adam may want $3M+ per year to leave here. That's a compliment if that is what it takes. I said all along it would take that at least to entice him to kick in GB, while it may not take much more than we offered if any (if it includes a signing bonus) to get him to kick in a warmer climate or a climate controlled environment. He's liable to have a much longer shelf life irrespective of guarantees under those circumstances, which is the reason Longwell jumped at the first offer of half a million below highest kicker contract ever when Minnesota came calling.
  18. marty

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    It's apparent that Adam does not want to play here anymore. Offered a contract by Pats that would KEEP him as the highest paid (as he was the past 2 seasons) and he turned down contracts those past two years (thus the tags), he's still out window shopping. Time to move on....Thanks Adam and happy trails!
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  19. Feep_FLA

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    Adam who? Who's this guy your all going on and on about? I'm confused! Nothing new there though...... :rocker:
  20. dhamz

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    I'll give you the first one. But the other 2?

    Someone has to explain to me why we would not have one the 3rd one without Adam? His only FG was a 22 yd chip shot in a game we led by 7 with 6 minutes left. No one else could had made that?

    And the guy was quite possibly going to be the goat of SB 38 if we lost because of 2 misses. No one else could have gone 1 for 3 in that game?

    I hope they can find a way to keep the guy. I do. He's the guy I want to be out there for a big kick. No one else.

    I don't understand where he suddenly has become one of the 2 or 3 main reasons this team has won Super Bowls and somehow without him we don't have any. To listen to many sports talk callers and posters he is up there with Brady and BB.

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