Vinatieri deal worth $10 million over five years

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by workhorse, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. workhorse

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    "Vinatieri will get a five-year contract worth about $10 million to kick for the Indianapolis Colts, team owner Jim Irsay said Wednesday. Formal announcement of the deal has not been made, but Vinatieri, who kicked game-winning field goals in the final seconds of Super Bowls XXXVI and XXXVIII for the New England Patriots, will replace Mike Vanderjagt."

    Did the Colts still overpay if that is the case?

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  2. Jacky Roberts

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    Depends how its structured. If its $3mm p/y at any point of that contract, then, yes, the Dolts, as usual proved they have no concept of the salary cap structure.
  3. Mooch

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    If the Colts think that letting Thornton, Edge and Triplett leave was a result of needing to pay Vinatieri what they did, than they overpaid BADLY.
  4. mtbykr

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    I want to see how it pans out each year as a cap hit before i make a judgement. I think this is a good signing for the dolts, no matter what anyone else thinks. The dolts are in need of an accurate kicker, and indoors AV is money. He will be missed, but we will move on! I look at the bright side, we can get a kicker now than can kick from 50yards+ ! :D
  5. workhorse

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    Everything I've read has it averaging 2.5 per year for the first three years. So that would mean it's even less the last two years of the deal.

    This signing happened after the Colts had already made up their minds on their own players. They had no intentions on signing those guys for the money they ending up getting. Not to mention the Colts didn't even know AV was available until this past weekend, long past the time those guys had signed with other teams.
  6. Willie55

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    That's pretty pathetic right there. The #1 kicker is on the free agent market and naPolian didn't even consider to inquire about him until he was approached by an agent. This while they had already decided they were not going to sign Vandershank.
  7. workhorse

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    Well, the word was he was resigning with the Pats. His previous agent wasn't letting it be know that Vinatieri was available. That is why he fired him.
  8. Mooch

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    How did they not know that AV was available? He's been a free agent for as long as the guys that LEFT the Colts. Are you saying that Vinatieri wasn't their "Plan A" in terms of free agent acquisitions?
  9. workhorse

    workhorse Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    You were probably typing when I posted my previous response. They figured he was already off the market even though he hadn't signed.

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