Vikings are ranked No. 1 in rushing defense, thanks to a one-gap system

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Box_O_Rocks, Oct 30, 2006.

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  2. Box_O_Rocks

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    From Lost In Space comes the Legendary Dr. Smith's original game plan and Offensive Coordinator support post...

    As a change of pace, here is something unusual:
    Yes folks, love from the Cleveburgh Plain Dealer...
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    Their "one gap system" is only as good as Pat and Kevin Williams. Take those boys out of it and their "one gap system' would no be nearly a effective.

    So in this case it's not the "system " that makes the players, it's the players who make the system.
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  4. DefenseRules

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    Damn, NEM I like that plan. Maybe you should give "Skippy the kid" McDaniels a call. :D Lord knows the kid can use all the help that he can get.
  5. SVN

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    best way to run against a big D line is to make them run (by running sideways) and get them tired..i think i read this elsewhere when the pats employed the same strategy when pat williams and sam adams play against buffalo....
  6. BelichickFan

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    These unsubstantiated BS attacks on McDaniels are pissing me off. You people realize we're 10th in the league (going into this weekend) in scoring despite the WR corps being a work in progress, missing 3 FG and sitting on the ball a couple of times in scoring position to end games. Right ?
  7. BelichickFan

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    And, conveniently, mobility is our OL's strength although we lose a little of it with Neal gone.
  8. brady2brown

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    No secrets to Vikings run defense? Well, maybe one, the same one that makes the Patriots run D look good. The Vikes have led in the fourth quarter more often than not. Teams are passing more than running. THerefore running yardage is down. THe Vikes running game is up. Why? They are leading in the fourth quarter and are trying to run the clock out.

    People read running stats backwards. They say if you gain a lot of yardage on the ground, you will win the game. They should be saying, If you are winning the game, you will have a lot of running yardage.

    People say if you don't allow many running yardage, you will win the game. THey should be saying, If you are winning the game the other team will be pasing not running and therefore won't have many running yards.

    Except for that, the article is pretty good.
  9. Murphys95

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    Spot on. Apparently some fans get bored too quickly with developing a running game and want to scrap the game plan for the "exciting" no-huddle passing game.
  10. Pat_Nasty

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    Actually, the Vikings D is comparatively very good stopping outside runs around the (offense's) right end, and only average stopping runs be behind the left tackle.

    So if you see the Pats D going off tackle behind Light rather than trying to turn the corner on the other side, it's because McDaniels knows more, not less, than you.
  11. BelichickFan

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    And I would say the probability of the statement above being correct is 100%. Not 99.999999999% but 100%. As sure as 2+2=4.
  12. Actually the Vikes have led going into the 4th quarter just once this season (Sea), they were either tied or behind in the rest of their games.
  13. Oswlek

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    Yes, the Vikings have been very good at stopping the run. They aren't #2 (now, after the Raven's last game) in yardage per game, but they are #2 in ypc allowed too. So it isn't like a team that looks like it has a good pass D because teams are too busy running up the gut.

    The Vikes are also #3 in yards per pass attempt and #4 in average defensive passer rating with a 67.7.

    This defense is for real.

    Interestingly enough, the Vikings are ahead of NE in ypa and ypc on offense as well.
  14. BelichickFan

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    And, yet, they've scored only 92 points in 6 games (the defense has scored 28 points for Minnesota) and the Patriots have scored 136 points in 6 games (unless I'm forgetting a defense/special teams TD).
  15. Oswlek

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    Yes. It is a little strange. I don't put much stock in yards per game because a lot of factors can skew those numbers. But when a team has per paly numbers that are good and still don't score that is strange, particularly when they haven't had a non-competitive game yet. If I remmber correctly they are really bad in the red zone, which contributes to much of those problems.
  16. PatsDeb

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    Laurence? Oh, Laurence? We need a big night from ya!!
  17. stcjones

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    Obviously this game is going to come down to which team controls the line of scrimmage....and with Neal out could be a tricky like Nem said,....Play action will be huge......need to get Maroney more involved with the short passes out of the backfield and let him tear it get him in the flat and he could make huge gains on this team.........should be a good game....GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. brady2brown

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    I don'tknow what this means. I said the Vikings ran a lot in the fourth quarter to run out the clock because they were leading in the fourth quarter. Are you saying they won all four games at the last minute? With your screen name, I'll take your word for it that they didn't run a lot in the fourth quarter to run the clock out.

    Anyway, I don't have the stats available to see how much they ran vs passed in the fourth quarter, or whether they led most of the quarter or not, and to be honest even if I did I'd be too lazy to sort it all out.

    I'm just surprised that they never had a lead to protect in the fourth quarter, that's all
  19. BradyisGod

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    Statistically, this woule be accurate if there were only a few teams in the league. Problem is, there are 32 teams, and lots of teams have leads in the 4th quarter. Among those the Vikes is still the best.

    You can't take the parameters out of the equation, or look at the team alone. You have to look at the entire league.
  20. Pat_Nasty

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    Well, according to's stats, the Vikings have been the best in the league at defending passes to running backs this year, so throwing short passes to Maroney might be playing into their strengths.

    Throwing him screens might not be the best idea, either -- with either a practice-squad'er or a converted tackle at RG tonight, running to many plays that demand that kind of cohesive coordination from the line might be unwise.

    Furthermore, with Watson and Thomas our only active TE's, and the Pats seemingly getting more confidence in their WRs, I wonder if we won't see the Pats both throwing and running out of more three WR sets.

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