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Views of the first half of the 2007 NFL season

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. PATRIOT64

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    Heres my awards for best players/teams ect: for the first half of the NFL season..of course ALWAYS subject to change and frequently does....

    Tom Brady
    Hands down the front runner for the MVP award finally getting his due with being awarded top notch talent at receiver,Manning is finally in his rear view mirror in 2007

    ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Adrian Peterson
    This race for ROTY Is already done and over with barring a fatal injury, Adrian is a monster and does not look anything like a rookie,May be the best running back in his first year EVER.

    OFFENSIVE PLAY OF THE YEAR - - Randy Moss catch vs. Miami
    The catch in the end zone against Miami was many of his masterpieces this year but definately the best,almost as if he scooped the ball out of the air with his armpits and glided it back into his arms,He is a masterful,smart receiver

    BEST OVERALL PLAY OF THE YEAR - There are many you can choose from but Antonio Cromartie with the 109 yard runback for a TD on a missed Longwell FG try was something you may never see again,Awesome play and the best play of the season for a season which has not been kind to the Bolts

    BEST GAME OF THE YEAR - Tennessee at Houston
    The Titans enter the 4th quarter with a near unsurmountable lead then have it melt down and actually trail for a minute or two, but composed themselves enough to pull it out in the end.

    BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE - New England Patriots
    9-0 and having blown out weaker teams and having survived cameragate media frenzy,hatred from all over the world and playing the Super Bowl Champions by eeking out a hard fought win when they did not play very well speaks volumes of who is the best team in the league.

    WORST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE - Miami Dolphins
    It could have been the St. Louis Rams but at least they have a top RB and a respectable QB - Miami with all thier injuries has neither,The only way they win a game this year is probably playing a team that has no reason to win and is set for a firm seed in the playoffs (I didn't check if they play anyone near the end of the season who is likely to sit most starters,otherwise they could seriously go 0-16).

    First they had no offense and now thier defense is getting trampled on,Its no wonder that the D gets tired when the offense goes 3 and out most of the game,It comes back to ruin a team and it looks like this team who was expected to vie for a championship is sinking deep in the AFC North

    Thier defense despite no Pacman is outstanding,Vince Young does not have the stats like a Brady or Manning but just like them,he knows what it takes to win games - no one talks about this team which makes it a dangerous opponent - This team is definately in the hunt for not only a playoff berth but a possible AFC South title if Indy falls asleep in the 2nd half of the season,Jeff Fisher is a great coach like him or not.

    38 Years old and playing like a kid again,The man is amazing and an outstanding athlete,He has held this average looking unspectacular team together much like Brady did in 2001 - neither this 2007 Packers team nor the 2001 Pats team looked too good on paper but the heart of the QB made the other guys better and if you want to pick another team besides the Patriots which uses total t-e-a-m as its personality then the Packers definately define it.

    COACH OF THE YEAR - Rod Marinelli Detroit Lions
    Of course you may think its BB because we are 9-0 but you must give it to a guy who has made a mountain of a team out of a molehill and thats Rod Marinelli - The Lions at a freakin 6-2? - are you kidding me?
  2. rabthepat

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    Mar 22, 2006
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    Mike McCarthy, Green Bay.
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