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Video: Playbook AFC Patriots Edition - Week 13

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by NovaScotiaPatsFan, Dec 2, 2007.

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    Segment 1
    - Recap of the Eagles game, with some sideline video.
    - Ravens preview focusing on Moss and Welker.
    - Deion Sanders offers his thoughts on the Ravens game.
    - Brian Baldinger breaks down what the Eagles D did to the Pats O
    - Sterling Sharpe does a short segment on Maroney.
    - Ravens Predictions.

    Segment 2
    - On the Line with Jarvis Green, talking about Adalius Thomas.
    - On the Line, Sterling and Brian talk about Thomas, the loss of Colvin, and the Linebacking corps as a whole.

    Segment 3
    - Video Room, Sterling Sharpe breaks down what the Eagles O did to the Pats D.
    - Coach on the Clock, Jim "PLAYOFFS!" Mora gives his thoughts on Pats-Ravens.
    - Madden 08 Matchup of the Week
    - No Huddle, Fantasy Matchups: Lawrence Maroney vs Willis Mcgahee, and Patriots WRs vs Ravens D.
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