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  1. Urgent

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    A couple interesting options out there while Doug Flutie negotiates his broadcasting opportunities:

    Kerry Collins - great back-up QB option - aging, experienced QB, hoping for a chance to start so he's been out there in free agency a while. Big, acceptable accuracy, fits the Pats system.

    Jay Fiedler - experienced QB, Dartmouth guy, AFC East knowledge. A serious injury has held him out, but the Pats wouldn't necessarily need him Week One.

    Tommy Maddox - very experienced, expendable with the development of Ben Roethlisberger. Would be fine for a game or two in relief, playing the don't-lose-the-game role.

    The starting opportunities for aging vet QB's are few right now.
    Minnesota, with aging Brad Johnson, journeymen Mike McMahon and JT O'Sullivan, and rookie Tarvaris Jackson is a possibility.
    Cincinnati, while Carson Palmer heals, a vet could compete with Anthony Wright, Doug Johnson, and Craig Krenzel for the chance to start.
    Washington, with aging Mark Brunell and Todd Collins and inexperienced Jason Campbell and Casey Bramlet could be a possibility.

    But, New England offers a relatively secure veteran back-up job, between Brady and Cassell.

    Other interesting situations:
    Rohan Davey in Arizona. Arizona has Kurt Warner to start, and Matt Leinart waiting in the wings. John Navarre and Davey will compete for the third position. Davey was never a good fit in New England, but he should at least know the system, and would be vetmin cheap. Highly unlikely that he returns, but he'll likely be out there.

    Kliff Kingsbury and Brooks Bollinger, NY Jets. The Jets are carrying Pennington, Ramsey, and rookie Kellen Clemens, plus Kingsbury and Bollinger. The Pats spent some time developing Kingsbury. Bollinger started 11 games last year, but is likely gone.

    Shaun King, Detroit. Detroit, after trading Joey Harrington, still has four QB's on the roster: King, Jon Kitna, Josh McCown, Dan Orlovsky. King would seem to be the odd man out. Another possible vetmin guy.
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  2. BelichickFan

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    I'd vote for Cassel over all of them except Fiedler and Collins. The rest of those guys suck.
  3. RayClay

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    I like Fiedler and Maddox.

    Don't like a guy with the emotional problems of Collins, (alcoholism), sitting on the bench.

    Maddox was a backup, stepped in and played very well.
  4. AzPatsFan

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    How 'bout...

    I'd add another candidate ...Gus Ferrotte. He's been a QB on a super bowl club and will soon be unemployed... He's proved he is no longer a full time starter to build a team around, but he could have a great season or two still...
  5. Remix 6

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    frerote signed with Rams. Collins wants to start somewhere. Fielder i'll take. Maddox did not play well at all when he had chance last season..sorry but he even got threatened by steeler fans .. blew the Jags again for them
  6. maverick4

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    I'm with you. Cassel looked pretty good and can probably hold his own as a backup.

    Also, I'd rather spend playing time on Cassel and continue to develop him as a young, improving asset, than play a mediocre old guy just because he's been in the NFL for a long time.
  7. A.C Vegas

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    If we Sign Mr. "XFL" Tommy Maddox I'll cry he gets lucky and has about 2 or 3 good games them poof he's gone and your going to lose
  8. VJCPatriot

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    Collins has the talent to start and WIN a few games if Brady were to go down. I was not aware of any of his off the field issues.
  9. smg93

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    I think Cassel went a long way in the Miami game to prove that he can come in for a game and stick in long enough to win one assuming he had the first team playing with him. His problem will come when teams know that he's going to be a starter because of an injury to TB. As teams get to see him more, they will game plan for him. That's when we'll really see if Matt can lead this team for an extended period or not.
  10. MrTibbs

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    Out of the names mentioned as a "veteran" backup I'd take Collins out of that bunch. He looked decent against us opening night last year.
  11. mgteich

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    I think Jeff Blake is also out there.
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  12. spacecrime

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    That's teh thing. he Pats have traditionallly (if sucha word exists relative t the Pats) kept a vet wo would go in should #1 QB get hurt, and a developmental QB.

    The question is: If Brady got hurt and they had Cassel and Ferotte or Fiedler or someone, who would go in? If the answer is Cassel, then there is no need for the Vet.

    The need for a vet is to step in and play if the QB gets hurt.

    If Cassel is #2, then #3 will be a young guy, not an old one.

    The only need I see for a vetis second level disaster recovery. That is, assume Brady get hurt. Okay, Cassel is in and we have our deelpmental QB. Now we need a vet to backup Cassel.

    I just don't see preparing for an event with two layers of occurrences.

    But if Brady gets hurt AND then Cassel gets hurt, there will be vet FA QBs avaialable. Unlike NTs or LBs, there are always vet quality QBs available sitting home waiting for a call.

    I don't see them carrying four QBs. Last time he did that he did not have quality players for the last four-five roster spots. Now he has players for those spots.

    I think it will wither be:

    1. Brady-Cassel-young QB
    2. Brady-vet QB-cassel

    and my money is on No.1
  13. Pats726

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    Fiedler may be an option....but I have to wonder if the Pats would have 5 QBs in camp. The last time they had 5, was 04, when there was Brady, Davey, Kingsbury, Kitna and Miller, who was unable to practice....I know Kitna didn't stay around long and I believe it was mentioned that 5 QBs was one too many (for camp/practice purposes...) So with Mortenson and Bramlett
    there are 4 already. Although with Fiedler injured...he would NOT be ready...
  14. marty

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    This gets my vote too! Should Brady go down I'd bet Cassel would be ready to step in, and having another developing QB, as our 3rd, would be a greater return on investment than any of the above mentioned Vets.
  15. dryheat44

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    I believe Damon Huard is available. If so, I'd prefer him. We know how good he is at running the scout team offense.
  16. jimmyjames

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    Exactly. You have to have someone who can mimick other teams QB's and Cassell and another young guy would probably not be able to pick up other teams' key sets fast enough to be effective in practice. The investment in a vet is not just tied to playing if the star goes down.
  17. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Huard is in KC, and has a chance at the number 2 there, beside, Huard wont come back here because he had to work a little to much...
  18. dryheat44

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    A chance at #2? Unlikely. The Chiefs have drafted a QB each of the last two years. I can't imagine they're going to cut one of their QB of the future candidates to accomodate Huard, although it is possible that they carry four.
  19. patchick

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    I'm with you on this. Backup QB roles include:

    1. Stepping in to sub for the starter
    2. Scout team QB
    3. Developmental prospects with long-term value
    4. Clipboard/sounding board/extra pair of eyes for Brady

    Most of us assume that Matt Cassel will fill role #1, which also makes him a lock for role #3. That leaves the scout team and support roles, which are better filled by a vet than a raw rookie. It might be different if, say, the Pats had drafted a highly regarded rookie QB who slipped to the middle rounds -- you'd want to keep him protected on the roster. But Bramlet or another UDFA or camp release should do fine learning on the practice squad while a mid-level vet takes the roster slot.
  20. Flying Fungi

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    You are thinking of Kurt Kittner--as opposed to Jon Kitna.

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