Very Interesting Matchups in the AFC East This Week

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    This will probably be one of the best AFC East matchups vs. out of division play of all weeks in this season where no East teams meet and all 4 teams play quality opponents.

    This week could produce all 4 East teams winning,All four East teams losing or a mixture of sorts.

    All of the East teams opponents should make the playoffs or at least have the talent on paper to do so.

    I would say the Jets may have the easiest opponent in Tennessee who is 0-2 but a winless Jeff Fisher team is like a shark without food for 2 days,they will be hungry for a win.

    I see 4 good games....

    New England over Atlanta 31-20 after a very close game for 3 quarters

    NY Jets over Tennessee 13-10 this really can go either way

    New Orleans over Buffalo 34-17 Brees is by far the MVP at this time

    Miami over San Diego 26-21 Dolphins need to keep up in the East

    So I see 3 out of 4 East teams winning
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  2. Rob0729

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    I can see 3 of 4 AFC East teams losing just as easily as 3 out of 4 winning (maybe more so).

    Buffalo looks to have a for sure loss.

    Miami has a horrible pass defense and lacks big plays on the offense. I don't see them running all over the Chargers like they did against a bad Colts defense. I like the Chargers even with LT questionable and Hardwick gone. I think Philip Rivers has a big day.

    The Jets could lose too. I think the Titans faced two potential playoff teams in the first two weeks and made them look worse than they are. They are still a good run defense and that should hurt the Jets' offensive strengths. The Titans have a good running game and the Jets are a better pass defense than run defense at this point. I can see the Titans getting their first win. Don't discount the letdown factor for the Jets after putting so much into the Pats' game.

    The Pats are facing a tough offense this weekend. The Pats' defense will get it's first true test of the season. We will see where they really are. As for the Falcons' defense, this is a good defense to face for Brady to get his head back on straight. The Falcons are not a great passing defense (ranked 17th) and haven't put a lot of pressure on opposing QBs as of yet. If Brady can get his head back on straight and gets his timing down with his receivers, I think the Pats win this one. If not, it will be a long day.
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    You see Miami winning? They just played Monday Night and they have a cross-country trip. I don't see them winning in SD.


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    I see the Chargers losing for several reasons

    1) They play in the West,they could win 8 games again and win the division and besides Miami needs a win badly to keep their hopes up in a VERY tough AFC East where the Patriots have shown little to nothing to indicate they are going to run away with it.

    2) Injuries could begin to play a part with the Chargers who really had a tough time with Da Raiduhs and the Ravens should have won that game easier,I think the Chargers are actually playing like the Patriots right now,a little sluggish and uninspired in the 2 games.

    3) I will take a Parcells/Sparano team to outduel Norv Turner

    On paper the Chargers are the obvious better team talent wise but I smell an upset
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  5. Rob0729

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    If I was a betting man, I would bet Chargers too. But we are talking about two flawed teams.
  6. jmt57

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    I follow the line of reasoning that the injuries to the Chargers will hurt them, but I still think San Diego wins this game. The percentage of teams that win travelling across three time zones is very low. Add on top of that the Dolphins have a short week for the coaches to prepare, and a short week for the players to heal from a Monday night game. And although Miami will be fired up to avoid an 0-3 start, the Chargers will be just as motivated to avenge their loss to the Dolphins last year. I'd say San Diego is more likely to win this game.
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    only we win
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  9. KontradictioN

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    Unless Brady is pissed off and over his mental hiatus, there is no way we're putting up anything over 24 on Atlanta.

    N.E. over Atlanta - I think this is the week when we START to see Brady return to his old form. This isn't going to be a one day thing, it's going to happen over time. That said, I think we squeak one out over Atlanta with Welker returning to the line-up.

    NYJ over Tennessee - Jets defense can and will bottle up Tennesee's running game and dare Kerry Collins and the Titans' receivers to beat their coverage, which won't happen.

    N.O. over Buffalo - Buffalo does have the offense to hang with N.O. Let's not forget that the god awful Lions put up 27 points against them and an Eagles team without McNabb put up over 20. In the end, I think N.O. takes it in a shoot-out.

    S.D. over Miami - The Dolphins' defense just isn't that good. Rivers is going to light them up. The only thing that would make this game close is whether or not Miami can pound the ball against the Chargers like they did to the Colts.
  10. VJCPatriot

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    1. Pats over Falcons. NE bounce back game. I expect to see a more balanced attack and the run factoring in more too with our receivers thin.
    2. Titans over NYJ - They have this guy who's pretty good. Chris Johnson. Yeah, he's fast! I expect to see Tenn pound the ball and their defense to pound the rookie Sanchez.
    3. Chargers over Miami - The Fish don't match up talentwise. The Chargers have a healthy Merriman and Sproles looks like a human pinball.
    4. Saints over Bills. Drew Brees is this year's MVP. Book it.

    THE SLAMMER On the Roster

    I think the Bills have a good chance....

    Little known fact

    Adrian Peterson has 272 yards rushing and 42 receiving =314 total yards

    Fred Jackson has 220 yards rushing and 108 yards receiving = 328 total yards
    NFL Stats: Player

    Did you know that Fred Jackson has 10 more yards receiving then Terrell Owens?

    Does Freddy Qualify for a little CREDIT from the national media?
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  12. JSn

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    I've been wondering if Lynch's suspensions would cost him the starting job.

    Be interesting to see how it plays out.

    I think the Bills have a chance at winning any game, but in a shoot-out against Drew Brees... I gotta be honest, I can't see it.

  13. Atlanta over the Patriots- The Falcons are one of the most balanced teams in the league on offense, and good TEs have been tough on NE even when they had a more expierienced defense. I think Ryan can exploit the Patriots secondary and LBs in coverage. Brady will need Welker/Moss to suit up for this one to be close. Atlanta has decent safteys with Eric Coleman/ Thomas Decoud, and can bring some pressure on the QB with Abraham, and rotational DE Kroy Bierman. Curtis Lofton is becoming a solid 4-3 MLB

    Jets over Titans- Jets are a better team this year than they were last year when they pummeled the Titans in Tennessee when the Titans were 10-0. Collins isnt mobile and the Jets pass rush should get to him. Jets will focus their attention on shadowing Chris Johnson. Jared Cook should suit up this week, and in my opinion poses the biggest problem for the Jets in the passing game. Im expecting the Titans to make Sanchez beat them, so it will be a big early test for the Jets rookie. Can see this one being close and going either way

    Bills over Saints- My upset of the week. I like the Bills chances with bad weather in the forecast for sunday. Bills have some horses on offense with TO/Evans/S.Nelson/F.Jackson and could put up some points against a team that has struggled to stop the passing game. Kolb 400+ yards last week in a loss. NO relies to heavily on the pass, and has some ??? at RB with Bell out, Pierre coming off an injury, and Hamilton untested. Reggie Bush should remain a good bet to catch some passes and run on the edge, but remains extremely weak between the tackles.

    SD over Miami- Could see this one go either way. It really depends on Miamis ability to keep it close. If they can do that I think the Dolphins will pull it out, if Rivers hits Gates/Vjax/Sproles with a couple of early TDs it will put pressure on Pennington and the passing game which would be a big advantage for the SD defense.
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