Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro Detained In New York

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  1. The Venezuelan government said September 22nd that its foreign
    minister, Nicolas Maduro was briefly detained at a New York airport
    and stripped of his travel documents, according to media reports
    Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro said he was detained,
    threatened and only released after an hour and a half at New York's
    John F. Kennedy Airport Saturday.

    "They were about to beat me and put handcuffs on me," Maduro said,
    according to Venezuelan media reports.

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who provoked an uproar on
    Wednesday before the United Nations for calling US President George
    W Bush the "devil," called the airport incident a "provocation by
    Mr. Devil."

    Chavez and Maduro attended the UN General Assembly meetings this
    past week in New York. The left-wing populist Venezuelan president
    launched an all-out attack on Bush, saying the UN podium still
    smelled of "sulfur" because the "devil" - Bush - had stood there the
    day before.

    Chavez said in Caracas that US officials charged Maduro with

    Maduro, who gave a press conference Saturday evening in New York
    after turning back from the airport incident, told Venezuelan media
    in telephone interviews that the screening of his luggage violated
    diplomatic agreements between the United Nations and the United

    Maduro said he had "reacted" and resisted the search, when he was
    commanded to remove his shoes and several pieces of clothing.

    US airports conduct stringent security checks since the September
    11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States

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