Venezuela Says Police Cut Off Chavez Speech, N.Y. Post Reports

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    - Bloomberg

    Venezuelan officials said the New York Police Department cut off the
    satellite feed of a speech President Hugo Chavez gave yesterday at a
    church in the city, the New York Post reported.

    New York police stopped the feed, which was broadcasting in
    Venezuela Chavez's address to the Mount Olivet Church in Harlem, as
    a way to retaliate for remarks Chavez made about U.S. President
    George W. Bush in the United Nations the day before, said William
    Lara, Chavez's chief spokesman, according to the paper.

    Chavez called Bush the "devil" in his UN speech and referred to
    him as an "alcoholic" and a "sick man" in his Harlem speech
    yesterday, the New York Post reported.

    A spokesman for the New York Police Department said police officers
    didn't cut off the satellite feed, the Post reported. The spokesman
    said officers cordoned off the area around the satellite equipment
    so that people wouldn't be exposed to its harmful radio waves, the
    paper said.

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