"Variable" Punishment Bogus - (Not Pats Specific)

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  1. jbb9s

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    This was brought up briefly on ESPN Radio All Night with Jason Smith on Wednesday(?) night.

    When the commish says 1st, or 3rd and 2nd does anyone see the problem with this? The league is saying - 'hey, what you did is wrong but if you don't do that well this year, we will be easier on you.' Thats like suspending a HGH user and saying 'hey, we're gonna give you 4 games but if your team still goes 4-0 we are going to extend it to 8' or MLB saying 'hey you used a cork bat but since you are in a 1-21 slump, we are going to reduce your suspension to 5 games from 9'.

    Obviously any punishment has to be implemented based on the infraction that was cited with no other consideration to how succesful the team was or may be in the future. I don't think the NFL wants to go down this road. To a certain extent, its similar to this: Can you imagine this after week 5: "hey Jeff Fischer - you can bring Pacman back since you are 3 games below 500.
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  2. AtivanPatsFan

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    It's basically saying:

    If you are good - we are going to take something better away from you and;

    If you stink - we'll still take something, just not as beneficial.
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  4. jbb9s

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  5. JJDChE

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    As Miguel has alluded, the reason has to do with the differing value of the picks depending on where the Pats finish.

    Look at it like the fine is for a certain "Draft pick value" rather than a specific pick.
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  6. The Gr8est

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    A trade for a pick a year later is generally for one a round earlier, i.e. we trade our #3 this year for a #2 next year.
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