Value Manuevering Award: GB?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsFanInVa, May 1, 2006.

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    How about that cascade of deals GB pulled based initially on the Denver pick they got for Javon Walker?

    Okay, out goes disgruntled receiver, for pick 37.

    Out goes pick 37, along with 139, for 47, 93, 148. Out goes 36, to the Pats, for 52 and 75.

    Then out goes 93 for 109 and 183. And out goes 109 for 115 and 185.

    Total Started With.........Total Ended Up With
    Walker, 139, 36 47, 52, 75, 115, 148, 183, 185

    I think I got this right.

    So for the cost of a guy that wouldn't be productive there anyway, a second, and a fifth, GB ends up with two seconds, an early third, a fourth, a fifth, and two sixths.

    And naturally, Denver gets to say "our favorite pick? Getting Javon Walker in the second round" (Sound familiar?)

    This little manuever netted them three extra early rounders, in rounds 2-4, plus a fifth and two sixths (not counting Walker's value.)

    Anybody want to do the math on the value chart, omitting of course the initial Walker swap?


    PS, this in no way completes the process, which the Pack failed to realize. You have to actually make good selections to realize the value you made available... as always, I'll wait a couple years for a hard and fast opinion on that one. But it doesn't look good from where I'm sitting.
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    Good stuff PatsFanner. They did it for Farve:).

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