V.Jackson - 1/2 shoe size = 7 Pts SD

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    let's not forget how close the Chargers were to scoring seven more points when V.Jackson caught the ball in the back of the endzone but the tip of his right foot was out of bounds. Man that was CLOSE!

    The Pats ended up getting a sack, forcing them out of field goal range, and thus allowed ZERO points on that possession.

    The difference between Zero points and Seven points was Jackson big right foot.

    Wow that was close!
  2. chris_in_sunnyvale

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    It was impressive that the ref got the call right. I thought he got his 2nd foot down and it would be ruled a TD upon review...until the replay showed his toe was OOB.

  3. TruthSeeker

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    Yep, and kudos for SD for drafting Vincent Jackson, he looks to be a stud prospect. There are a lot of if's in playoff games, if Brady made better throws this game wouldn't have been so close. If Brady stinks for the full game, we are talking about the offseason. Thank goodness for Brady's clutch throws late in the game. A lot of close calls, thank goodness we won.
  4. zippo59

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    If Brady had thrown a pass a little lower to Watson= 7 points Patriots.
  5. Tunescribe

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    Here's something even more improbable: The Chargers mindlessly intercept a Brady pass on fourth down when they should've just knocked it down. Instead, this gives us a chance to regain possession when Troy Brown strips the ball causing a fumble. Take this away and give them a touchdown on V. Jackson's catch and San Diego wins easily.
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