US Soldiers Eyed in Rape and Murders in Iraq

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by mikey, Jun 30, 2006.

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    So they are guilty? Oh, thats right only the terrorist at Gitmo are innocent until proven guilty.
  3. DarrylS

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    What a limp dicked response, you must have been taking your dittohead meds when you wrote this. How come the Republicans get to pack the Supreme Court with two new members and this is still the outcome?? Could it be that what is going on illegal?? Most folks seem to have known this before it even went to the SOTUS, even George seemed to have known this? But Rush and Hannity blame the court and beg the issue. We are talking about affording the guarantees of the constitution, a constitution that represents the greatest and freest(sp?) nation on the earth. We are talking about the Geneva Convention, I know al quaida did not sign it, but we are the civilized nation trying to bring democracy to this area of the world. This is not a situational response, nor is it somekind of ethical vacuum. We have the responsibility to show this part of the world how we do things in accordance with the law.

    With regard to the most recent allegations against these fighting men, I hope they get good representation and a fair trial in their courts of justice. My concern is that this is at least the third time this has happened this past month, and hopefully these are very isolated incidents. The allegations themselves must have a negative effect on our troops. Before your panties get into a bunch, I know they do not play by our rules, but once again we are the greatest democracy in the world and are expected to lead and not act like them. Those to whom much is given,much is expected.
  4. patsfan13

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    This incident looks to be more serious than Haditha (which appears to be a hoax done by the terrorist). Remember that in the documents found when Zarqwai qwas killed this strategy (killing innocents and blaming the coalition trrops) was listed as one of their approaches. I haven't read in detail here but this charge is being leveled by 1 soldier against the other soldiers.

    PFIEL is also pointing out the tendency of the left to assume that any charge against Americans is true, while insisting on full rights be given to the worst of the terrorist. Frankly this is very distrubing, do you ever think about while anyone would have a knee jerk reaction to always assume the worst of their countrymen who are protecting them.
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  6. PATSNUTme

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    If they actually did do that they will be tried under the UCMJ and given a harsh sentence.

    This incident along with others, if true, are done by .00001 of the troops who have been in country. We are dealing with humans and there are always a few bad apples in every group. A much smaller percentage in the military than the general population of any country.

    It's pigs like Mikey who can wait to post this stuff and jerk off over them who represent some of the scum in our general population.
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    Show me a thread that Mikey has started that wasn't about troops being killed, or something like this, or about something that wasn't about his political agenda.

    Show me just one thread that Mikey has started that was about a sucessful mission by our troops.

    Actually, show me one thread that you have started that is about a sucessful mission by our troops. You are the one so concerned about them. You should be happy if they have a sucessful mission and no casualties.

    Just one thread from each and I'll take back every thing I've said about Mikey and publicly apologize to him- just one.
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    Wont happen..Mikey is a piece of sh*t. People like him allow terrorists a reason to kill innocents.
  9. ELOrocks17

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    Tell me NEM...did Roosevelt have a "Vendetta" against Hirohito?
  10. Turd Furguson

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    I see 2 things here.

    1. Presumption of guilt by the left of our side and presumption of innocence of their side or at least excusing their actions.

    2. Lumping all of OUR side into one group while vehemently trying to keep the extremists and the "regular" Muslims separate.
  11. IcyPatriot

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    Mikey is Da' Dead Soldier [​IMG]Pimp.
  12. DarrylS

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    I do not get the presumption guilt link to the left side of this argument, in fact all I see is hope for due process for all of the people involved. There is a tendency by the right these days to not want to read this stuff, and if the White House had its way it would control the press even more than it does right now. The reality is that the press is what it is and does what it does, during any administration it has the responsibility to inform and we as readers have the responsibility to discern right from wrong. In this case the facts are not known, and there has been little if any prejudgement of the parties involved.
  13. wistahpatsfan

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    In this case of our present time and predicament, it happens that the enemy of the people is more the government than ever before. Of course, the government is and always has been the 500 lb. gorilla sitting in your living room, but right now, our government is in the process of subtly establishing itself as the most powerful entity in our society. They are the largest employer, tax the hell out of us, threaten our lives if we don't pay, kill innocents in foreign countries with whom we have no real quarrel as a people, monitor our transactions, travel, and communications, and are generally in our shirts day and night. I can't even give my kids friggin sparklers on the Fourth of July without telling them I am breaking the law.

    This is clearly not what the Founders intended when they set-up the United States. The "us vs. them" thing isn't America vs. some lawless groups in the ME, it is us vs. our own government. That's the real struggle we will always have to vigilantly endure because of the freedom the Constitution intended for us.

    Stop falling for the oldest arguement corrupt and lying governments have always used to control its people - "Be afraid of those people over that hill. You need me to protect you from them and yourselves."

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