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Who Is the Greatest Pats QB Of All Time As Of RIGHT NOW?

Poll closed May 26, 2006.
  1. Drew Bledsoe

    2 vote(s)
  2. Tom Brady

    22 vote(s)
  3. Steve Grogan

    0 vote(s)
  1. TaxPlaya

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    Adding to the Dog Days Posts Here...

    Given the success of the team the past few years, the "all time" Pats team is in need of an overhaul. Below is my crack, and let's have at it. First, a few rules:

    1. Each player must have played 50% plus one of his career in a Pats uni;

    2. You are not allowed to project careers for current players--look at Terrell Davis circa 1998.

    3. The players on the "team" don't have to fit a particular system or pretend that they would play well together.

    4. I'm leaving some open slots where I'm not sure. The old-timers can fill in the missing pieces.

    5. A "standard" package of players is required. Classic modern football (4-3, 1 TE, etc.)

    Here we go:

    Owner: Bob Kraft
    GM: Scott Pioli
    Head Coach: BB
    Asst Coach: Dante Scarnecchia

    QB: Tom Brady
    RB: Jim Nance
    FB: Sam Cunningham
    WR: Stanley Morgan
    WR: Troy Brown
    TE: Ben Coates
    LT: Bruce Armstrong
    LG: ??
    C: ??
    RG: John Hannah
    RT: ??
    K: Adam Vinatieri

    DE: Richard Seymour
    DT: Jim Lee Hunt
    DT: ??
    DE: Willie McGinest (putting him here since he was an elephant)
    OLB: Nick Buoniconti
    MLB: Steve Nelson
    OLB: Andre Tippett
    CB: Ty Law
    CB: Michael Haynes
    FS: ??
    SS: Lawyer Milloy
    P: Rich Camarillo

    ST: Larry Izzo

    Players that have a chance of breaking this lineup:

    Matt Light
    Deion Branch
    Mike Vrabel
  2. patsox23

    patsox23 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    How is there any question - at all - that Tom Brady is the Pats all-time QB? I realize Bledsoe was huge here for awhile, and had - to this point - a longer stint with the team. I am an ENORMOUS Drew Bledsoe fan, but I seriously cannot comprehend why two people (so far) voted for him over Brady, even in the context of "all-time."
  3. Flying Fungi

    Flying Fungi In the Starting Line-Up

    or even more incomprehensible to me...how they voted for Bledsoe over Grogan...?
  4. Chevy

    Chevy Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    #75 Jersey

    John Hannah was a Left Guard ...

    Center - Pete Brock
    Right Guard - Ron Wooten

    If you move Seymour to DT, you can put Julius Adams at DE.
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