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update of Hailredskins.com draft survey composite

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by jczxohn1, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. jczxohn1

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    May 13, 2005
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    Posted 2/7

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  2. bosfan

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    Sep 13, 2004
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    #12 Jersey

    Interesting post J-man, Kameron Wimbley 6/4/240, 44th ranked player at the Huddle and their 5th ranked DE. I noticed a mock somewhere that mentioned this guy and had the same reaction you did, don't believe we will be interested.
    QUOTE From the Huddle
    Kamerion has solid pass-rushing skills and has good speed to go along with those skills. He gives great effort on every play and looks to be a good teammate. He has exceptional strength for the college level and quick change of direction ability, which should help him a lot at the next level.

    Needs to Improve

    Kamerion is coming off a knee injury that I, personally, do not feel he's recovered from mentally. He doesn?t continue his moves if his initial move gets stoned. He does not carry enough bulk and he is not strong at the point of attack. He doesn't use his hands very well. However, the biggest problem I see is that he's still worried about his knee. He will not make that tight cut around the corner, dip his shoulder and go under the block to get to the QB.

    Bottom Line
    In my opinion, Kamerion is a tweener DE/OLB, but I?m not convinced he has the agility to be an OLB. Kamerion is definitely concerned about hurting his knee again or his knee is not quite right yet. If he gets clear sailing to a QB, he looks fine. However, if an O-lineman gets his hands on this kid, he shuts down and doesn?t finish the job. Kamerion has to add a lot more bulk to his frame without affecting his speed and quickness. If you use him at OLB, he's still not stout at the point of attack. That means he comes into the league as a situational pass rusher who is concerned about getting injured. That?s not enough for me to rate him as a first round pick! He does have talent and he looks to be a good kid overall with a strong work ethic. That shows me a lot. He has enough talent to work with, along with good size and speed. If you can get him over the mental injury issue and bulk him up, then you just might have yourself a pretty good player. Kamerion is a long range developmental DE, but I think he's an excellent one to take the time to develop.
  3. Box_O_Rocks

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    Mar 13, 2005
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    Kam Wimbley had a strong Senior Bowl and Combine and is now considered one of the top DE-tweeners in the draft.
    I'm not sure where I would rank him yet, but as you noted he is breaking into the first round.

    Comments on the compilation: NE has a reputation for taking defensive players in the first round, that would explain the one sided numbers.

    CB picks are popular because of the secondary injuries in 2005 leaving people with the impression that personnel was the issue. They may be right if Poole is released, but Poole is still on the roster along wth Samuel, Gay, Hobbs, and Poteat. I can see Poole and Hobbs winning the starting jobs with Samuel at nickel. Gay is good depth, and our Hank is dependable. I would say CB is a draft and free agency priority, but not round one yet.

    LB has been everybody's bogie man with the "aging" corps of backers who wind up being the dominating force each season. Until Willie is released (extremely remote chance) the starting rotation is set. There is also some depth on the roster, but room to improve. This draft offers some great value at DE-tweener and there are a even some college LBs who have the size and skill sets the Pats want. No reason to think BB would pass on the opportunity and there are some tantilizing prospects with first round grades.
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