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    I went to school at Penn State so I always know everything that goes on in the Big 10 world and I was reading one of my message boards this segment...

    "Front page article in the Michigan Daily seems to confirm the possibility that he may be leaving. Apparently the New England Pats contacted Carr for permission to discuss coaching opportunities with Loeffler. "

    I thought this was very interesting sinc eobviously Tom Brady and Loeffler have a storied past. Just wondering if anyone heard anything further about this.
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    Yeah, there was some info on the Patriots' Insider board last week saying that Belichick was going to interview him while he was in Michigan for the Super Bowl. It sounds like a good situation to me although I have no idea how good this guy is.
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    Here's what they said. It's in a pay area that I don't have access to but someone copied and pasted a small piece of it on another site :

    "On the other side of the ball, quarterbacks coach Josh McDaniels was promoted to offensive coordinator, a position that's been vacant since the departure of Charlie Weis two seasons ago. On the radar screen to replace him is University of Michigan quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler. Loeffler was the position coach at Michigan when Tom Brady was a Wolverine, and knows the quarterback well. Reports have surfaced out of Michigan that Loeffler has an interview scheduled for a similar position with the Patriots.

    On Sunday Belichick will be part of the ABC Sports Super Bowl XL Pre-game coverage from Detroit. Although it is certain to be difficult to not participate in the event for the first time in three seasons, Belichick has stated he's looking forward to the experience. While he's there, it's expected he'll rendezvous with Loeffler for that interview."
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    I don't know how long he has been in Michigan, but if it has been for a while he has a pretty good track record of pumping out NFL QBs. I'm sure that Brady can school him in the offense. It's about time we started taking some coaches instead of losing them. Plus the Pats are almost sure to take a QB in the late rounds of the draft this year, I pretty sure that Flutie will retire. I'm comfortable with Cassel as the back-up (sheer genius drafting him), I really liked the way he played against Miami after getting his feet wet. I would love to see BB take a Randle-El/ Hines Ward clone as a third QB.
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    From Reiss:

    * The 30-year-old Loeffler is a 1998 graduate of the University of Michigan, where he was a backup quarterback and later served as both a student assistant and graduate assistant. His first full-time coaching position came as quarterbacks coach at Central Michigan (2000-2001). He returned to the University of Michigan in 2002 and has been the Wolverines' quarterbacks coach since that time.

    Has a past of PLAYING and being a grad assistant coach with Brady(according to this) not per Reiss so the reports of him as Brady's position coach are wrong or Reiss is. He ran the scout team:

    After graduating, Loeffler returned to the Wolverines as a graduate assistant coach (1998-99). He worked daily with the offensive staff and handled the scout team offense during practice sessions. During his tenure, Loeffler helped coach future NFL quarterbacks Brian Griese (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Scott Driesbach and two-time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady (New England Patriots).

    I doubt he's going to come in here and tell Brady anything he doesn't know.
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    As long as Brady is comfortable with him . . . then so am I :)
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    Randle-El/Hines Ward clone? Michael Robinson - qb - PSU. He's
    built more like a rb than wr. But, something tells me he can play
    somewhere in the NFL. What was BB's comment on what he looks
    for in a fb player? Size,Smarts,Toughness and Speed. Robinson
    is all of those.
  8. Michigan Dave

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    I worked with Loeffler when I worked with the QBs at Michigan in 98-00. He is an amazing teacher of the position, and a great offensive mind. He's being groomed to eventually take over the head coaching job at Michigan down the line, and I really just can't say enough about his understanding of the game. He is the guy who really took Tommy to the next level while he was at Michigan, and is the guy Tommy credits for a lot of his current successes. This is a guy who is going to make a name for himself in the coaching ranks. Top QBs come to Michigan now to play for him. He's the main reason we landed Chad Henne, and if he sticks around, we'll be landing super-recruit Ryan Mallett here in the next couple of months for the 2007 class.
  9. Michigan Dave

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    Nope. Robinson's not a good fit for the NFL. He is not accurate or smart enough to play QB in the L, and not refined enough to be a receiver. Anything above a 4th rounder on him would be a huge mistake. Think Eric Crouch, but with more heart.
  10. Michigan Dave

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    Stan Parrish was our QB coach, but Loeffler worked hand in hand with him, and especially Tommy, during the 1999 season. He was officially in charge of the scout team, but those responsibilities were mainly delegated to Dennis Coyle, a lower level GA, so that Loeffler could continue to work with Brady and Henson.
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    You've got me fired up about him, I hope he moved over to Foxboro. Sounds like Brady may have told Belichick he'd like him to be the new QB coach.
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    If you want one of them take the kid from Texas A&M.

    Excerpted from the Shrine game player bio:

    Reggie McNeal (6'2" 206) is a dual-threat quarterback. In 2005, he finished the season in the top ten of rushing yards for quarterbacks and was named to the Maxwell Award Watch List. In 2004, he passed for more than 220 yards and ran for more than 50 yards in every game. Dallas Morning News named him 1st Team All Big 12.

    The Shrine game announces reported 4.37 speed, he had a good arm in the Shrine game and while a typical squirrelly running QB made some good plays with his arm. I'm not sure if he took reps at WR in the practice week or not, but his hands can't be any worse then the bricks of that Penn State kid, and this one did okay as a QB.

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