Universal Government Healthcare eh?

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Real World, Sep 19, 2007.

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    I hope she recovers (the articles says the cancer is very treatable), but this speaks for itself.

    Stronach went to U.S. for cancer treatment: report

    Updated Fri. Sep. 14 2007 7:57 AM ET

    CTV.ca News Staff

    Liberal MP Belinda Stronach, who is battling breast cancer, travelled to California last June for an operation that was recommended as part of her treatment, says a report.

    Stronach's spokesman, Greg MacEachern, told the Toronto Star that the MP for Newmarket-Aurora had a "later-stage" operation in the U.S. after a Toronto doctor referred her.

    "Belinda had one of her later-stage operations in California, after referral from her personal physicians in Toronto. Prior to this, Belinda had surgery and treatment in Toronto, and continues to receive follow-up treatment there," said MacEachern.

    He said speed was not the reason why she went to California.

    Instead, MacEachern said the decision was made because the U.S. hospital was the best place to have it done due to the type of surgery required.

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    #12 Jersey

    Like I said before, whatever socialized B.S. they try to dump on us one required part of the new law should be that all members of congress and all of their families (parents, siblings, spouses, kids) should fall under the same plan with no additional care. Then we'll see if it passes.

    Much like Liberals like to say that Republicans would be more careful about going to war if their kids had to go (and they may be right) let's see them put up or shut up with the same theory and see if they want the government to manage the health care of their loved ones.
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    Pant Suit Hillary Clinton is a very dangerous women, she is a threat to America, she has many other Socialist Communist disasters that she wants to impose on the American people.

    I hope all the Skeletons that are in her filthy closet are made public in the coming months, again, she is a dishonest ruthless dangerous person.

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