Undeniable Tightness

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    Undeniable tightness

    1. Maroney. Watching Maroney in college, a question that lingered was his ability to break tackles at the pro level. The Ohio State game notwithstanding, most of his college runs he rarely had to break big hits. What I witnessed tonight was very encouraging. His very first run, the 12 yard scamper when everyone assumed he had been tackled was a great way to begin. You could see in his eyes he realized after a couple of touches his athletic superiority had carried over to the pros, and his confidence and attitude went throught he roof.

    2. Cobbs. A Faulk clone thus far. I guess we finally found a Cobbs who can run a little (Note: all that noise from denver about cedric the entertainer seems to have evaporated)

    Loose screws
    1. Jonathan Sullivan. Maybe if he still weighed 350 he would have been wide enough to plug some gaps.

    2. Banta Cain. that ridiculous matador attempt against Norwood on the sidelines was down right sad for a vet trying to earn key time in the OLB rotation

    1. Pierre Woods: once he got that sack his eyes opened up and he started believeng he could play. He clapped, he made a decent tackle on the following play. That's the kind of series that can carry this kid through another week of TC floating on air.

    2. Le Kevin: looks like a fighter in there. Gave a cheap shot on shockley in the final drive, which was wrong, but he plays with passion unlike Sullivan.

    3. Mincey. Saw some good things, blasting fat overrated TJ "Bucket of goo" Duckett.

    4. Eric Alexander: caused a fumble in the first half. Looks bigger, more aggressive than last year.

    5. Mills: clearly one of those kids who just plays better in games than practice. Comfortable as all heck and finding open spots.

    6. Thomas. Comfortable out there. He will play for 10 years in the NFL, hopefully with the Pats. A heath Miller type if the Pats are lucky.

    7. Andrews. I love little guys who inexplicably can take big hits and not get hurt. A little overmatched down the seem trying to tackle that 260 lb TE, but he still slowed him down.

    8. Cassell: just needs more time out there, and BB needs to tell him to stop running and just throw the ball away. Enough running for chrissake. You're going to get killed.

    Final Note:
    Chad Jackson get healthy fast and Deion, either get yourself paid or give in, because this receiving corps might be the worst in the NFL right now. I believe Reche will eclipse Givens; but Givens would have made that TD grab for sure.
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    Good post, and I mostly agree except I'm not ready to give up on Sullivan just yet.
  3. jczxohn1

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    Except he will never be confused with TIGHT.
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  4. PromisedLand

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    I must confess that, being an old fart, I really don't understand this new "tightness" jargon phenomenom. Can someone please enlighten me (explain what it means)?
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    #50 Jersey

    Don't worry about Deion, he'll be back when he finally pulls his head out of his butt and does the math. He's getting real close to owing the team around 25 % of his entire salary for the year in daily fines. I can't believe he'll be this stupid for much longer, he should be getting close to strangling his agent shortly. :eek:
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    I think it's a 'gay' thing. It was started by poster who calls himself "The Archives" , who likes to go on about how he likes his players "tight" and "pitch black". Avoid the term, I would say.
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    Keep your hands off Maroney you prevert! :eek:
  8. PromisedLand

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    Thanks for the explanations fellas. I will now reserve my use of the term to such phrases as "tightness in the chest", which you definitely don't want!
  9. RoughingthePasser

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    Me neither....it's up to HIM.
    The D line has excellent potential.
    Sullivan needs to want it.
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    Good one, lol. I'm getting up there myself....now 43, 44 in October. In my day, there was no tightness !!

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