Uncle Teddy Looking For Racism [Alito]

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Harry Boy, Jan 12, 2006.

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    Uncle Teddy trying to find racism in Alito's past:

    This is not relevant to the nomination but is interesting when considered what the "Drunken Old Sot Kennedy" was trying to pin on Alito.

    Back in the days of "Dreamy Camelot" the only "Black Person" allowed into the "Kennedy Compound in Hyannis" was Sammy Davis Jr, he was their "Token Negro", they all had their pictures taken with him, they gushed and they fawned, they spluttered and primped to show the whole world how they loved "black people", he was also their very own "private clown", he tap danced and told "Negro Jokes".

    Then when monday morning arrived and the camera's were gone Eunice Kicked Him Out.

    Poor little Sammy, it was years before he realized that they were just "using him". Sammy later said when asked about the Kennedy's, "the only really true white friend I ever had was Frank Sinatra.

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