Uncapped year, what does it mean for the Pats?

Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by flycessna, Mar 8, 2010.

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    So I am wondering what exactley an uncapped year will do for the Pats right now?

    I am slowly learning the changes that it represents to free agency but would like to know the whole deal.

    Is this the time to resign Brady to big extension giving him most of it guranteed this year so that he will count less in the proceeding year's where I will assume there will be cap??

    Can we even do this?

    And for that matter why shouldn't we lock of some franchise players with big bonus's right now where there is no cap??
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  2. Sleeping King

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    We have had a lot of debate about this over Wilfork, TBC and Bodden but it appears now that Kraft is on board with that very plan. At this point it would not shock me if next on the list is a Mankins extension. Brady may be a little tricky. Might be a game of cat and mouse between Colts/Pats to see who signs first between Manning/Brady and sets the market. That's probably the end of any real extensions since most do not believe one is coming for Moss. The young guys are all locked up.

    In theory yes they could front load everyone of these deals if
    A. Kraft wants to eat that much
    B. The player wants to accept a deal like that
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  3. jmt57

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    Check this thread out, it may answer some of your questions:

    Yes, you could sign or extend players in the uncapped year with the idea that there would be less money counting towards (presumably) future capped years - but only to a certain extent. There can only be a certain percentage of decrease year to year. You can't pay a guy $18 million this year, then $1 million in each of the next four years, for example. Plus it would put the owner in a bad cash flow position, and the player would probably be demanding his contract be renegotiated with two years left on his contract, crying publicly how badly he was underpaid.

    In addition does ownership want to pay out a lot of big bonuses now knowing there is a chance there will be no football next year? And if they do pay out big bonuses and a new CBA is worked out, will they be able to fit them all in under a future cap?

    I thought your idea was good at first too, but it's not quite as simple as it appears.
  4. flycessna

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    Well I dont how much of an idea it was :) as much as it was just a question..

    But I still think for Brady's sake... we should do it.. 1st.. he deserves it! and 2nd he probably has the least amount of risk involved.. (I can't picture him turning into some kind of a premadona 4 years from now)

    But what you said makes total sense...
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