Uncapped Year 101 - Final 4 Playoff Teams restrained from signing UFAs for 2007

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  1. JoeSixPat

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    Interesting article from Mike Florio - most of it I was up on in terms of the financial ramifications of the uncapped year.

    However I was not familiar with other poison pills like the fact that the final 4 playoff teams can only sign their OWN UFAs and can only sign an UFA from another team if they lose one of their own UFAs.

    Since I fully expect the Pats to be one of the final 4 playoff teams, its interesting to think that they would generally NOT be a player in Free Agency next year, regardless of the fact that there is no cap in 2007.

    So for the best teams out there, the fact that there is no spending limit in 2007 only comes into play for the players they already have - it actually PREVENTS them from signing other UFAs from other teams!

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  2. JoeSixPat

    JoeSixPat Pro Bowl Player

    Interesting - I guess I'm the only one concerned about this.

    Or maybe I'm just the only one optimistic enough to think the Pats are going to be in the SB next year.

    The bottom line though is that we'd better be damn happy with the team we have in 2006 - because with the exception of draft choices, that's the team we'd likely have for 2007 too.

    And we won't be able to have any fun talking about who the Pats should pick up in Free Agency either! :(
  3. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Your right, that is why getting a CBA before next yr is critical... very critical... Its getting very depressing the more I think about it..
  4. Major **********

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    If those 4 teams can't sign any free agents then how in the hell will they be able to fill out a 95 man roster for training camp? Undrafted rookies? That would be about 30-40 rookies per team. That won't work.
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  5. JoeSixPat

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    Draft picks and Undrafted Rookies - you got it. And it affects the next 4 playoff teams in a similar way. So that's 8 teams.

    If it seems extreme its because it was meant to be.

    It's a poison pill - one of many and it cuts both ways as it hurts many players too - especially high priced players who are sure to have the extra tag be used on them.

    So there are a lot of players that think they can cash in for the 2007 uncapped season - but they are kidding themselves.
  6. miamipat

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    On the brightside couldn't the Pats offer Seymour and Branch as much as they wanted w/o going over the cap since their is none.

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