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    We like to predict waht BB/SP will do based on what thtey have done before. Could we be wrong? Its been known to happen.

    When BB was building the Patriots roster there was need for lots of draft picks to spread the talent at an affordable price and stay under the cap.

    But that situation is ending. The Offense can't get much younger. Last year it might actually have been too young, as it exhibited tendencies to youthful rookie mistakes; thoroughly unlike what we have come to expect from a Belichick team. There will certainly be at least three more rookies to add to that too-youthful mix, as well. It could be said that the best thing to let happen, is to let the Offenaive bread rise without disturbing it for a year or maybe two...

    Even on Defense, the last of the old crews is yielding to the call of youth. McG is gone and four or five youthful people will provide some of the play at LB. TBC, Monty Beisel, Ryan Clarige, Jeremy Mincey, Fred Roach, Eric Alexander and even Pierre Woods may fight their way on to the roster or PS. The LB world is starting to see the infusion of youth even if the high picks did not materialize.

    And LB was by far the oldest position; the DL is young, talented, deep and no one is even close to thirty. The picture is less clear in the secondary but there are six youngsters drafted in the last couple of years, vying to claim starting positions amidst the former vet starters, imported from elsewhere, most of whom are not really too old.

    In short can BB afford to ignore next years draft? IMO yes. Its a new situation. He has money availalble to spend under the expanded CBA, and no real need to spread it on more youth.

    This year looks to have a very easy schedule; especially when compared to last season. The Pats have eight games againt the Bills, Jets, Lions, Packers, Texans and Titans. They also get Indy and Denver at home and a game in Foxboro against the Phish. The Miami Phish game is not in summer heat either. The Vikes have to be unsettled with the loss of Culpepper as well. The Bears seem to alternate years winning 10+ games and losing that many. This year its on schedule to lose that many.

    Is that the significance of Brady's "Awesome Season" assessment?

    Is a trade bonanza in the offing? Lets say that BB decides he can afford to go out and get a Lot of vet talent What would he buy?

    Could he roll the dice and be looking for a 19-0 season?
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    Do you not think every year BB is hoping for a 19-0 year?? I think he is..EVERY year..and to be honest..if they didn't have all the injuries they did..do you not think they may have come close last year..despite the brutal tough games to start it all?? SO I think every year BB/SP strive for the best..no matter what. IF anything, this year it MAY be with a bit more vengence...
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    This is a fascinating line of thought ... which i'll be glad to watch develop.

    But Piolichick's personnel moves strongly betray a concern for continuity of excellence.
    I cannot imagine them mortgaging one season for another ...
    bulking up for this year at the expense of years to come.

    They seek a kind of rolling thunder.
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    I think we can at least let the bread rise at offensive line. How fast the youthful offense matures will determine whether this is a Super Bowl year, or whether it will have to wait one more year.

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