UDFA T Randy Hand Signs with the Patriots

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    BIO: Three-year starter at right tackle. All-Conference selection as a senior.

    POSITIVES: Effective pass protector who blocks with solid fundamentals. Sets with a wide base, stay square and anchors at the point. Correctly places hands into defenders and controls them once engaged in a block. Makes effective use of angles and rides rushers from the action.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks footwork, struggles sliding out to protect the edge and loses balance over a large area. Marginal run-blocker who rarely finishes.

    ANALYSIS: Productive on the college level, Hand has been a durable and dependable blocker at Florida. Works hard and offers potential as an inexpensive backup.
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    Ceresco, you are coming strong with the undrafted free agents. Great work! Thanks!
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    OMG!!! What was his mother thinking of!!!!!!! Randy Hand????

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