Ty Warren on the Jim Rome Radio Show

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  1. Fanfrom1960

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    ...between 11 and 12 PST today. Also, last week Rome promised to wear a hoodie on his TV show today (2:30 PST), if the Patriots beat SD. Now he's talking about trying to find one in the LA area. Maybe he has some lackey out in LA looking for one (Jim Everett?). ;) His TV show isn't much, and I've heard talk of its being canceled, but I'd watch it for the hoodie wearing.
  2. sarge

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    I know Rome had a replacement in yesterday because he always takes Martin Luther King day off.

    His replacement, whom ever he was, was pretty adament about the fact that LT was just whining, and that if LT has a problem with the Pats doing the Light's out dance, then he should also have a problem with Merriman doing it.

    Just curious what Rome himself had to say.
  3. Fanfrom1960

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    On the radio show, he's been almost all "STFU Ladainian T. and San Diego", while also saying the celeb was somewhat "unPatriots-like". You lost a game you had pretty much in hand, live with that and move on. He thinks Marty should not be fired. I do, if they could find someone better, which may be a tall order. I hope they keep him though.

    Ty Warren on right now.
  4. Fanfrom1960

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    Saying Patriots played "smart" when they fell behind.

    On the Pats post game celeb, he said Merriman was doing a lot of **** before the game, at halftime, and Ty mentioned something about a T shirt Merriman was wearing? TY didn't sound sorry. :rocker: Ty said it did/does NOT come from the coach.
    Talking about Ty being NFL D lineman of the month. Rome commended Warren as being a player Belichick said works as hard as anyone the Pats have ever had. Rome saying Ty should have gone to the Pro Bowl.
  5. Seymour93

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    He's not wearing the hoodie on his TV show. It's starting now on ESPN.
  6. Seymour93

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    Rome just mentioned about the hoodie. He said that he's no Roger Vaughan??? and that he'll "settle it later."
  7. VJCPatriot

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    No Hoodie!! Rome lied! No big surprise.
  8. JediMind

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    He is wearing it now.
  9. Seymour93

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    Ohh snap! Rome is in a Pats hoodie NOW. Someone get a screenshot please! :rofl:
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  10. VJCPatriot

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    Rome is finally wearing the Hoodie!! And he's got the Pats logo on the front. I take it back, he does back up what he says. :) This is sweet!!
  11. Fanfrom1960

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    He admitted that he did leave it to the last minute to go find one, made an excuse about LA being a non-NFL town and stuff is hard to find. Good for him though for coming through.
  12. mtbykr

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    #37 Jersey

    I saw the show....nice to see a talkinghead keep their word! You wouldn't see this from any of the guys on "around the horn" , "PTI". ect.... Just one of the reasons Rome is the best national "talking head". I don't always agree with him, but he defends his point well and will tell you when he just doesn't like a sport, or doesn't get it, instead of sounding retarded when talking about it. (ex soccer)

    Was nice to see a pats hoodie over armani:D
  13. SVN

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    any pics ?

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