Ty Law on teamwork within the secondary

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  1. Fencer

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    Of the Ty Law quotes going around, the most interesting to me is

    I read that as saying that when he was going to break the scheme to gamble on a play, he warned the safety first to cover the opening he was going to create in the defense by doing so.

    Alternatively, you can say that that's a case of a rare read coming up within the scheme, sufficiently rare that the guys need to communicate verbally to make sure they all see it the same way.


    I think I suddenly understand better how it can make sense to gamble within a BB scheme.
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  2. Off The Grid

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    Terrific Find, and outstanding analysis, Brother Fencer!! :rocker:

    I was really digging the scene that Emperor Tyranneus painted in that other thread, yesterday ~ the whole Secondary getting together at someone's house, breaking open a Keg, and going over Tape together: comparing notes, kicking ideas around, and forging Mind Melds. :D Absolutely beautifull. :cool:

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    I wonder if I can get the nameplate on my 1996 Royal blue Patriots uni changed from Law to this
  4. RayClay

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    ...and that's why meriweather isn't here any more. You graduate when you do your job flawlessly. Pst graduate is also knowing everyone else's job and also being able to improvise and backup, if a situation requires.

    You don't just "try stuff". Seems to me Gregory, Chung and Wilson are trying to develop some of that at safety, but they aren't going to have rapport and skills like Ty and co. for a while.

    One game, one step at a time.
  5. RelocatedPatFan

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    That definitely makes sense. Though, I imagine you have to be able to 11) explain what you saw and 2) Be right 3x more often than you are wrong.

    So, BB will appreciate situational football in terms of "football IQ" (which is probably taught during film breakdown...before game and after game)
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  6. Off The Grid

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    I hope you DO!! :rocker:

    Flashback Video: Ty Law’s Superbowl Interception | The Boston Jam

    Emperor Tyranneus ~ One of the Most Beautifull Moments in FootBall History!!

  7. Fencer

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    Well, I imagine a lot of it is film study and picking up on tells. That could well be only one guy, for at least three reasons:

    • Each defender only studies so many different individuals on the other team.
    • Each defender has a different physical angle of view.
    • The recognition may in part be intuitive rather than something one can wholly articulate (if it were crystal-clear, the other team might have already fixed it via self-scouting).
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