Ty Law back with the Patriots next year

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  1. abejarano12

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    I was watching the game last night as mostly everyone was and Al Micheals mentioned that there is chance that he could comeback to the Patriots. I do think this is possable. He was great as a Patriot. It seems that He and Coach Bill have made amends since last year. Even if not next year then maybe when he calls it a career. :rocker:
  2. Richter

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    No. For all the claims that Law didn't burn his bridges here in Foxboro, the fact is he called Belichick a liar and likely didn't endear himself to anyone in the Pats' front office. And quite frankly, he hasn't been very good this year. I know people will point to the 7 picks and the Pro Bowl selection, but that was a reputation pick, and outside of those interceptions, his coverage has been poor in general. He's not only playing heavy, but he has no explosiveness when he has to stop and drive back towards a receiver like he used to. Teams completed passes in front of him all season. In summary, not only do I think he won't be back, but I wouldn't want him back. We have a good group of young players to develop that can be bolstered through the draft and free agency. It's time to move on.
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  3. DrewWho?

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    only as a D lineman. he is really fat and slow :)
  4. MNF

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    I wouldn't mind having Ty back next year, he would bring some stability to the CB position. Although, after making the Pro Bowl this year I'm sure some team will give him a lot of coin and we all know how much Ty loves the Benjamins.

    One guy I think the Pats could look at is Nate Clements. I'm not sure what he'll command on the open market but he could probably bring more to the table at this point in his career than Ty can.
  5. PatsDeb

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    I think the Pats would take him; the problem is going to be the same as it was last time - he wants too much money. If you listen to Ty, he believes his own hype and will be "insulted" again when the Pats don't offer him enough $$.
  6. RayClay

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    Please put a question mark there. Yes Belichick is a very mellow person who would never hold a grudge.

    Just because Law called him a liar and referrered to the 26 million dollar offer with mucho guaranteed money an "insult" doesn't mean BB would hold that against him.

    Football coaches are usually tolerant and understanding people.

    In fact he might even put his cousin on the payroll. I hear they are very close. :)
  7. DaBruinz

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    If Law is so "Old and Slow" how is it that David Givens wasn't able to catch him? Or even Stephen Neal?

    While I am not a uge Ty Law fan, I can give credit where it is due. And Ty has played fairly well this year and isn't THAT affected by his injury.
  8. Aqua4Ever04

    Aqua4Ever04 Banned

    nope he'll be a fin
  9. I have seen Otis toast Smith come back...so I guess you can never say never. But he will be at the end of his career when he will get his chance. Also by the way...he will not be playing corner back. More like free safety. For minimum money I might add...
  10. italian pat patriot

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    never say never...

    Ty Law could return to the Pats as probably could take more money offered by someone else

    personally i do not forget the plays he made for us.

    and i have not seen him 'celebrate' too much on his td return last monday night...

    a signal that still he has the Patriots in his mind ?
  11. Bertil

    Bertil Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I guarantee that Ty will bust his butt to get into top notch shape. He is only 32 for cryin' out loud! It's not like he's Jerry Rice, trying to hang on long after he's lost a few steps. I'm sure he'll sign on to the highest bidder, after training hard with Bob Kersee out in Arizona. He will be a step slower, but he can make up that step on pure instinct (as we've seen from both sides).
  12. DrewWho?

    DrewWho? On the Roster

    first, i was half kidding when i called him D lineman fat. secondly, he had a huge jump on Givens. Thirdly, Givens is not a track star either. Four, Givens was making up ground on Law. Anyhow, Ty, as of now, is too slow to play CB. look up how many pass interferences he had this year - # 1 in AFC by far. Not to say he could not approach his '03 form, but i doubt it.
  13. oldrover

    oldrover 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

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    I'd love having Ty back. However, I heard (I believe) John Tomase say that he thought Law would go to the CFL before he'd return to the Pats.
  14. BelichickFan

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    He did say that although he backed off it later. His point was he's not coming back to New England but I think he meant more because we won't be the high bidder rather than the personal conflict with Belichick that he kind of hinted at in the beginning with the quote that you mentioned.
  15. Bill's Girl

    Bill's Girl Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I would love to have TY back! I think when he was let go, it was a case of "be careful what you wish for" and BB gave him what he wanted. Let's face it, even with the down season we have had, the Jets season has been far worse. Ty had a chance to see what it is like to play for a bad team with a coach who has no problem throwing HIM under the bus! Hopefully Ty will realize what he had here in New England.

    I saw BB hug him after the game and it looked genuine. BB is not a stupid coach, he knows Ty can help us, especially since the secondary is so young and Rodney's status for next year is unknown.
  16. dryheat44

    dryheat44 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    I certainly hope we can do better than Ty Law, even without salary considerations. Bringing the Cap into the argument, he would represent a terrible investment, like buying up Enron for $500 a share right now.

    Yes, he had an INT Monday. And on how many other plays did the man he was guarding end up wide open for a key reception? 6? 8? At this point, I'm not willing to say he's better than Asante. It's Deltha O'Neal Syndrome (DO'NS), make enough interceptions that maybe people overlook your deficiencies in coverage.
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  17. lobster

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    Ty is superb in certain conditions, typically with the receiver on the outside near the line, however at other times he looked very flat. I would be very surprised to see him join the Pat's.

    To start a headline "Ty Law back with the Patriots next year" is grossly inaccurate.
  18. ELOrocks17

    ELOrocks17 Guest

    I would love to see Ty back with us--but on the other hand, We are not going to bankrupt the organization to do it. Too bad he could not follow Brushchi's example and put the team first.
  19. stinkypete

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    I'd like to have him back just for the nostalga of reuniting him with the core of the dynasty. I don't think it's too likely, though. Someone who I think we might look at is Sam Madison, who is sure to be cut by Miami.
  20. mikey

    mikey In the Starting Line-Up

    I thought it was more like buying GOOG at 100 bucks per share.

    I wasn't counting, but the wide open receptions were at most 3.

    Also, Law did not allow a single TD the whole season.

    If we compare stats, Pats pass defense is 30th while Jets pass defense is 3rd.

    In addition to his 7 INTS, Law held Chambers to 4 for 34 yds, Moss 2 for 18, Deion Branch 5 for 44, Horn 4 for 47, Steve Smith 3 for 34, and David Givens to 2 catches for 21 yards.

    I'm not sure how many Jets games you watched, but for the games I watched (which is almost all the games), the opposing QBs hardly threw to Law's receivers. Brady was the only one with the chupzpah to test Law and Brady paid for it by having the big INT which bothered Brady the rest of the game.

    Law was voted by players and coaches to the Pro Bowl, in addition to the fans. And it is not just on reputation alone.


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