Two Full Seasons Now in Our Stats Database

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    I just completed 2010 to go along with this year, so now we have two full seasons in the stats database:

    2010 Regular Season:
    2010 Patriots Stats

    For the 2010 group, it's funny seeing the name that had 4 of the top 10 longest receiving plays for last season. It's just too bad he didn't end up being a productive player here.

    Otherwise, here's an updated version of this season's:

    2011 Regular Season & Complete Post Season:
    2011 Patriots Stats

    Also added was a breakdown showing the number of plays based on down and distance, etc. for both seasons. And with both there's a page for you to select a group of games to view parameters for them. For example, if you're wondering how Tom Brady performed in the final four games vs the first four, you can select that.

    So try them out and let me know what you think. :cool:
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