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"Twilight: Eclipse" provoked man to murder his wife??

Discussion in 'The PatsFans.com Pub' started by DisgruntledTunaFan, Jul 9, 2010.

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    OK - this isn't clear, but there is something VERY strange over this, read it carefully...

    Affidavit: Thornton Husband Confessed To Murder - cbs4denver.com

    About an hour after emergency crews arrived at a house fire in Thornton last weekend David Fisher, the homeowner, turned himself in to police saying "he thought" he started a fire and "may have" killed his wife.

    Belinda Fisher, 30, was found murdered Saturday inside the burning home, located at 11339 Locust Street. The coroner said Wednesday she had been shot multiple times in her torso.

    Fisher, 29, is a former Marine reservist who worked with computers. According to an arrest affidavit, he went to the Thornton police office's front window and said he felt like hurting himself because he was "going crazy." Then he mentioned the fire and murder. Police read him his rights, he waived them and then he started talking.

    Fisher told police he thought he was going to lose his job and that he had started feeling suicidal on Saturday while his wife was at a movie. He said he went to a Gander Mountain store and bought two boxes of ammunition and a Taurus 9 millimeter handgun.

    Fisher said he went home and that when he saw Belinda returning home he went to the bathroom. He told police while in the bathroom he put "foam hearing protectors inside his ear canals."

    As Belinda came down the hall he said he came out of the bathroom and shot her. When asked how many times he stated he didn't know, only that he emptied the magazine of the pistol. He said the only reason he didn't kill himself was because he ran out of bullets. The magazine of a 9mm Taurus can hold anywhere from 6 to 17 bullets, plus one in the chamber.

    Things seemed to be going fine with Fisher and Belinda up to and including the day of the murder.

    Fisher told police while his wife was at the movie -- "Twilight: Eclipse" -- he texted her asking if she was "having fun watching her sparkly vampires." She jokingly responded that she preferred the werewolves "because they have their shirts off."

    When I picked her up he was inside and I talked to him for a bit, and he seemed happy talking about how great a day it was," said Belinda's friend Christine Davis, who went to the movie with Belinda.

    David and Belinda had been married for 6 years. Family members and friends said the couple had planned on starting a family relatively soon.

    David Fisher is scheduled to appear in court on Friday and officially be charged with first degree murder, first degree arson and domestic violence.
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    I didn't see anything in that article that mentioned that Twilight may have been behind him killing his wife. Sounds like the guy just snapped.

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