Turn down the TV play-by-play?

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  1. GilandGino

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    After trying to listen to Gil and Gino on 'BCN instead of the TV network announcers, I can't stand the delay in the picture -- the radio seems to almost 10 seconds ahead on my Comcast cable.:mad:

    Does anyone have the same problem?

    -- GilandGino
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  2. Pats726

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    Re: Radio vs. TV play-by-play

    I'm not sure of the technical aspects...2 years ago, it seemed they were mostly in synch, but last year, that never seemed to happen...as with this year. Heck I have 2 TVs that are out of synch...Don't like it either...remember the good ole days of listening to Johney Most on the radio while watching a C's broadcast. Seems with more technology it is actually worse and more time out of synch..not sure why or how to cure it...but I too don't like it.as well.
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  3. Oswlek

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    Re: Radio vs. TV play-by-play

    You could look at it as a positive. Knowing what is coming will allow you to watch the play as if it were a replay, focusing on particular areas.

    I know with all the weird camera angles and the desire to show the crowd until the last possible second pre-snap, sometimes I hardly get anything out of watching a play unless a replay is shown.
  4. hwc

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    Some of the newer surround sound receivers have a lip-synch feature that allows you to delay the sound by a specified amount for each input. You could delay the sound of the FM tuner by the correct amount. That's really the sort of thing this feature is designed to correct.

    There are several reasons for the delay on the TV broadcast. One is the time it takes to bounce signals off satellites a couple of times. The other is that the encoding for Dolby Digital sound and high-def video takes some time, i.e. it's not instantaneous.
  5. pats60

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    same thing happens to me
    Those guys on tv last week was brutal
  6. zarakotas5

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    I somewhat agree with the person who said that it gives you insight into the play before it happens, but for your question:

    Go to the Saints Report. There was a recent thread about this there where people shared solutions for all sorts of technological set-ups to co-ordinate the visual and audio.

    Evidently, this qualm is univeral. It is a friendly site where people found solutions to match A/V with a lot of common set-ups.

    EDIT: It's a similar forum for NO Saints fans.
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  7. fgssand

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    Can you specifically name that thread (sounds like a name of a game show)...I went there and am having a hrad time finding the AV thread at Saints report.
  8. RayClay

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    Probably a ten second delay so our morals aren't corrupted by hearing doo doo at a live event.

    Stupid as that is, I think that's the reason.
  9. zarakotas5

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    Sorry, man. I just remember reading it. It's prolly been ~2 weeks (within). It was in the SuperForum or EE forum. Those are the only two I really regularly read. It was that recent, though. Sorry I can't be of more help, but they have a search function that may help. It wasn't in the AV. SuperForum or EE.
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  10. Michael

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    I recall trying to do that ten years ago and gave up because of the delay.
  11. pats1

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  12. Mark Morse

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    Gil and Gino are slipping

    I was at the game Sat night listening to the broadcast (which was delayed a little bit). I can't count the number of times they announced the wrong Patriots Player making a play. I personally think that BCN's pre game show is horrible (won't listen) and after a stellar career as a game announcing duo Gil and Gino are really screwing up.
  13. fgssand

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    Awesome....thanks Pats1.

    Such an easy solution.....just pause TiVO or your Comcast DVR until I syncronize Gil & Gino. Duh.....Of course if the radio is ahead of the broadcast, that won't work - then I will need to invest in a radio system of some sort that I can pause and do it that way.
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  14. zippo59

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    Sometimes I wonder if the TV does it on purpose because sponsors are paying for visual as well as audio in their advertisements so the network is trying to force more people to listen to the TV broadcast.
  15. I think it's also the radio feed itself. I'm a season ticket holder and use a walkman-style personal radio for Gino and Gill. They used to be totally in-sync with the live action (as it should be), but the past couple of years there usually is slight delay. The Monday Night games are the worse, sometimes 10-15 seconds. That's where I lose the radio....
  16. CTPatsFan

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    With "terrestrial" radio yes, there is a delay problem with the tv because of the satellite feed. If I listen on Sirius and watch the game it's almost in-sync.

    The tv guys do suck.

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