Turkey and Israel at odds

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    But not Turks and Israelis.
    Thankfully there is more common sense among the peoples of the two countries than their leaders.

    Postcard from Turkey | NBC Miami
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    The current situation in this whole area is unsustainable, Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt and Pakistan are all allies.. some have US presence in terms of defense systems.. the current situation there is also unsustainable.. something will have to change..

    It is not 1967 any more, as the abutting countries are better armed and Israel has isolated itself.. a more conciliatory approach is necessary, or a major conflict is inevitable.
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    I wondered why the relationship between Turkey and Israel existed at all and I took a guess and Googled "Middle East Water Wars". I was right:

    ...To the north in February of 1996, the Arab world was stung by the announcement of a comprehensive mutual defense pact between Israel and Turkey which granted, among other things, Israeli warplanes access to Turkish air space. Syria was especially upset as it saw itself hemmed in by hostile neighbors both to the north and south. Tensions between Syria downstream and Turkey had mounted during the 1990s over water rights along the Euphrates River which supplies both countries. Turkey controlled 70% of the waters in the Tigris and Euphrates basin which impacted Iraq as well as Syria. Turkey had recently completed construction on a huge dam which had the potential of cutting off Syria's access to the river's resources completely. This was the keystone of Turkey's Southeast Anatolian Project (or GAP, as it is known). Some Arabs read the alliance as Turkey's revenge on the Arabs for turning against their former rulers in World War I, and as part of Turkey's plan to reassert themselves as a regional powerbroker in the Middle East. Tensions between Turkey and its downstream neighbors Iraq and Syria were expected to become acute when GAP becomes fully operational in 2005.Water Wars in the Middle East, Ted Thornton, NMH, Northfield Mount Hermon

    Here's more on the water tension (pun intended) in the Middle East as it pertains to Israel, among others:

    ...In the Middle East, a member of the Egyptian Parliament said that his country's 'national security should not only be viewed in military terms, but also in terms of wars over water' (El-Deen 1998). Meir Ben Meir, Israel's Water Commissioner, predicts that protracted water scarcity and thirst would 'doubtless' lead to war (Welsh 2000). Water scarcity in Palestinian villages was 'one of the reasons for the intifada in the occupied territories' (Anderson 1991). According to Levy, around 150 Palestinian villages in the West Bank are currently not hooked up to the water system, thus adversely affecting the lives of some 215 000 people 'under Israeli responsibility'. While Israelis use an average of 348 litres of water per person per day (l/p/d), Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza use 70 l/p/d, well below the daily minimum of 100 l/p/d set by the World Health Organization (Levy 2001). This harsh reality had a tangled contribution to the root causes behind the Al Aqsa Intifada (uprising) of Palestinians under Is raeli control. This violent confrontation between Israel and the Palestinians started in the fall of 2000 and had not ended by the summer of 2002...Water wars in the Middle East: a looming threat | Geographical Journal, The | Find Articles at BNET

    ...Ariel Sharon went on record saying that the Six Day War started because Syrian engineers were working on diverting part of the water flow away from Israel.

    "People generally regard 5 June 1967 as the day the Six-day war began,'' he said.

    "That is the official date. But, in reality, it started two-and-a-half years earlier, on the day Israel decided to act against the diversion of the Jordan...''

    BBC NEWS | Middle East | Analysis: Middle East water wars

    Even if Oil became globally obsolete in the future, the issue of water will continue to plague this hell on Earth.
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