TRUTH & RUMORS: RB White falling fast

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by broadwayjoe, Apr 5, 2006.

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    Interesting little snippet :

    Dallas @ Philly on 12/25. Nice game :)

    "A source has told Comcast SportsNet that Terrell Owens will play his first game at Lincoln Financial Field as a Cowboy on Christmas Day."
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    Very, very true. Of course, that line featured three players who will go on day one in the draft. I think they were largely responsible for the USC running backs' successes.
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    What are the odds of TO dressing up as Santa for this one? Hopefully it isn't snowing. :D
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    Plus the threat of Leinart throwing. As I remember, Ron Dayne looked like a stud in college too.
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    White listening to teams???
    Adam Schefter

    For all the public talk of Southern California running back LenDale White sliding in the draft, there also is just as much behind-the-scenes talk of him getting drafted just where many predicted.

    One team in the 20s recently encouraged White not to run before the draft so it can pounce on him with its selection in the first round. Another team in the mid-teens already has told White it plans on drafting him.

    Teams have questions about White's hamstring, which he initially hurt on a Cybex machine at the Combine, and then re-injured while running three weeks ago. But teams also know White's production, and no matter how much his reputation is sullied in the coming days, it still looks like White will be a first-round pick.

    White - and his agent can't be that dumb. After the Rose Bowl there was talk he was a top 10 pick. If he worked out and showed decent numbers - 4.55 in the 40 - he would have had a number of teams moving up to get him. If he is "falling" on purpose he is costing himself a lot of money. He is what the #10 pick got last year compared to #21 and #22

    10. Lions WR Mike Williams 5 yrs., $13.5 mil., $10.5 mil. guar.
    21. Jaguars WR Matt Jones 5 yrs., $8.45 mil., $6.3 mil. guar.
    22. Ravens WR Mark Clayton 5 yrs., $8.2 mil., $6 mil. guar.

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