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Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by The Brandon Five, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Interesting case in Denmark.


    Read the whole thing. Something is rotten there.
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    Okay, so from what I understand, we have the word of a guy who pleads guilty to some Danish hate-speech law, saying how terrible the law is that he just pled guilty to.

    Looks like he's no stranger to such speech, although I do reserve any comment on ol' Lars' trial and his complaint about it, not to mention the Danish law.

    It does strike me that it's worth knowing what people are p.o.'d about. This appears to be the background of the complaints:

    Islam in Europe: Denmark: "Muslim girls aren't human beings" (UPDATED)

    In other words, he's like Harry in Denmark.

    Subsequent to an initial uproar over the interview the above quotes came from, Hedegaard evidently saw fit to issue a statement of "regret"...

    Old Lars is a big figure in something called the "Free Press Society..."

    Here's what some of their members think of his antics...

    Seems like a popular reaction...

    The blog's most recent post is Hedegaard saying he doesn't regret his comments after all, and how good his statements are for the Free Press Society. He then explains how he's right, and some other guys explain why he's wrong.

    Again: this doesn't really help us on the subject of his tormented complaint, worthy of a Socrates drinking the cup of hemlock in the interest of this unjust, modern-day Athens.

    It doesn't prove a thing either way, on that count -- but neither does the impassioned summing-up speech of a man pleading guilty.

    What you've presented is a statement to the effect of "I'm guilty but the law's wrong."

    I'd love to see a more complete account of this trial, preferably from an unbiased source (i.e., not Sean Hannity's repetition of what the convicted man says is wrong with the law in the first place.)

    I have no doubt such an account may not be flattering to the Danish law anyway, from an American P.O.V.; after all, European laws forbid display of the swastika and Nazi paraphernalia too. I mean, how could you even air the Beck show over there, right?

    But even in the U.S., free speech is not an unalloyed "good". You still have the "fighting words" exception to free speech, after all. I think hate speech laws should simply be written to incorporate that notion, myself, if that is not in fact the bottom-line judicial rationale.

    But in any event, given that we have only the convict's word for how bad the law is, I'd like to see more detail on the law itself and on the trial specifically.

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    I'm glad I didn't start this thread.


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