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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Tantrix, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. Tantrix

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    As any Intelligent Patriot fan knows,Troy Brown is a Free Agent as of Now.I would like to think that the Pats are willing to shell out the money for one more year.As I know it happened last year,The Saint offered him a deal and he turned it down to come back home to us.A Cap Hit of maybe 1.5(I do think this is pretty reasonable,Maybe a bit high though) Is not going to hurt the pats this offseason too much to resign him.He has never been a STELLAR Reciever or defensive back for that matter.However,Safe to say.When we need a crucial catch or an enthusiastic team player.He is always there to help us out.Troy is one hell of a guy,and A Vital part of our offense for the last what?10 years now?So This Post is more to Honor the guy than anything else.They Don't read these,But..For My Own Sake.THANK YOU TROY BROWN ...AND HERE IS PRAYING that we bring ya back for at least another Year.
  2. Pats726

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    Hear hear!!! Yes...I agree..think all Pats fans do!!
  3. dhamz

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    Troy has never been a stellar WR? From 2000-2002 he caught 83, 101, and 97 passes. That was stellar.

    troy will be back if he wants to be back. With all the holes at WR it is up to him.
  4. Triumph

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    He wont be back unless the Pats really whiff on restocking the roster which I dont see happening. BB and Pioli will make the the hard cuts to put another SB contender on the field. Klecko, Brown, Starks, B Johnson and maybe Fauria. Asta Lavista.
  5. BelichickFan

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    And he started his post with "As any Intelligent Patriot fan knows" :confused:

    Even forgetting 2000 and 2002, he was the offense in 2001 along with Antowain. I hope Troy comes back, especially with Givens likely gone and a new WR almost certainly coming in. But Troy most certainly was a top WR a few years ago.
  6. AndyJohnson

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    Troy Brown has been one of my favorite Pats.
    But there comes a time when that 1.5mill or so can be invested in a younger player that will be here longer. A 1.5mill first year cap hit brings a pretty good quality FA.
    If you spend too much of the cap on aging players in their last year or so, you have money and roster spots taken up that could go to younger players who will develop.
    In other words, that 1.5mill and roster spot may mean Troy Brown this year, or someone else who is starting from 07-09.

    Of course there needs to be a balance, and Ive advocated since 2001, that this team needs to lean toward today, because they are competing for Championships. The question needs not to be how bad would we feel if Troy Brown is gone, but would he contribute more to the effort to win SB XLI than the player(s) who would take his cap space and roster spot. Not to mention what that guy(s) would contribute in the future.

    Troy Brown is going to spend 40+ years of his life as an ex-Patriot. Im not concerned over whether that starts in 06 or 07. The decision needs to be the one that allows us to win.
  7. Garbanza

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    Troy Brown is still a viable option as a third down, slot receiver....and his work ethic and team first attitude is as important in the lockerrom as on the field. He hasn't been voted team captain for five(?) years in a row for nothing. Plus, with the Pats history of having their secondary riddles with injury - Troy is a viable option at nickleback too. LOL!! However, no he is not worth that cap hit....and I am hoping that he will be re-signed after he is cut.
  8. spacecrime

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    I must not be an Intelligent Patriots fan, because I thought players under contract became FAs on March 3. I also thought Troy Brown played in a Pro Bowl, which in my mind equates to stellar. Also, didn't he have over a hundred receptions one year?
  9. JoeSixPat

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    Although people had unrealistic high hopes for our recieving corps over last pre-season I think all would acknowledge now that we had a WR corps of a lot of "ifs" - and many of those "ifs" - Sam, Terrell, etc. never panned out

    Troy Brown is not an "if" - age may be catching up with him but you know what you're getting.

    I still wish the NFL would allow each team to designate a player/coach - someone with 10 plus years experience and at least 5 with their team - who's salary could be off the salary cap, ensuring that guys like Brown, who have so much more to give and teach by way of example, are allowed to remain with their team as long as possible
  10. Tantrix

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    I do think I should have put some more thought into the post.when I said "Not a Stellar Reciver" I meant Not every year throughtout his career.Many of these High Catch season didnt come into play intill the BB Era.So Within the Last 5 Years.No Disrespect meant,Someone did mention his steady time of being Team Captain,That is more a TEAM issue,Not one that the NFL would consider as one of the greatest Accomplishments.Though to us,Yes,It is a every excellent Honor to be given.I'll be the first to say when he had that 101 Grab season.I for one was cheering him on the loudest.As I do now when the guy continues to do whats asked with him,Giving nothing but a smile in return.And Yes FA Begins March 3.Excuse me pun"As Any Intelligent Pats fans knows".Guess Im not too intelligent.I shall call myself out for that comment.I apologize.
  11. MoLewisrocks

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    Troy played in 2005 for a cap hit of $800K ($765K salary and $35K signing bonus. I doubt he'd be expecting more a year later. And at that price, given our spotty history with WR's and DB's, he still represents excellent value. I imagine the decision is his (albeit as always subject to his and everyone elses performance in TC).

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