Troy Brown and Tedy Bruschi interview

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Pats Fanatic, Aug 12, 2007.

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    There will be a day when these two players have to walk away from the game. Age simply catches up with all of us. When that time comes, after all they've been through, it would be a mistake to let them walk away from this franchise. I truly hope either or both of them considers remaining on the team as part of the coaching staff.
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    Why would you wish the nice men such a cruel fate? :)

    Seriously, I was just thinking, with the frequent calls for beloved retired players to spend their retirement working 90 hours a week as low-paid assistant coaches...what we're really saying is "keep them at Gillette, keep them Patriots." It's hard to argue with that.

    It's not uncommon for teams to carve out PR positions for their living legends (is it Andre Tippett who serves that role right now?) The happy problem for the Patriots is potentially having too many candidates! Both Troy and Tedy are personable, well-spoken guys who seem like good prospects for broadcasting roles -- say a weekly in-season Patriots talk show that could keep them close to the team and the fans while giving them well-earned time to relax with their families. The Patriots organization is so far out front in team-produced media ventures that there should be plenty of options in this direction.
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    That sounds like a great idea - and Tedy would still have time to save puppies from burning cars!
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    I saw part of that interview during the TB game. Made me think of two things:

    1. That that first championship team is really gone now. Just those two are what's left from the guys who defined Patriot (Brady, Light and Seymour are in a different 'era' to me). Kind of bittersweet to see the highlights of old, watching so many who did so much for this franchise.

    2. I'm sure glad we're not just now starting to rebuild with one or two new guys trying to fill in for all those who still be here from that first set of teams. Adding the guys in their class who they talked about who weren't still here -- wow, age happens fast!
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