Trent Dilfer knows key to beat Tom Brady

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. SVN

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  2. Jackson 2

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    I generally like Dilfer, but this piece is nothing but eye-catching filler. What rubbish.
  3. mikey

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  4. sevengables_2207

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  5. sarge

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    Wow, uhm, yeah

    OK, so follow his eyes and crowd his first read?

    Question Trent.

    How many times have you seen Brady look off the defense by looking one direction and then immediately throwing to the other.

    Hell, we don't even need to coaches tape to see that, we see it in the games all the time.

    The key to stopping Brady is being able to play man and generate pressure with 4, 5 defenders at the most. But you have to be able to get a good jam on the recievers at the line. If not you are toast.
  6. Sicilian

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    In a strange way, he's saying, "To beat Tom Brady, you have to know all of his plays so you know where his first read is, but also know all of his adjustments so you know whether or not that first read has changed presnap."

    Unless you think the first place he looks presnap is always his first read, which would be a ridiculously obvious tell.
  7. Deus Irae

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    I'm just thankful that the Patriots aren't playing against a Dilfer coached team this weekend.
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  8. FSUPatsFan

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    So, the key to beating Tom Brady is being psychic. Got it. Thanks, Trent.
  9. Has Trent provided the "How to beat Sanchez" analysis?

    That's the read I want.
  10. Mainefan

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    I see. The way to stop Brady is to flood the area where his #1 receiver is, while abandoning #2 and #3, in the hopes that Brady won't notice the open men. Interesting. I think Dilfer is telling us more about his quarterbacking techniques than about Brady's.
  11. Deus Irae

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    Show up. Don't fall down.
  12. Nikolai

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    He'll beat himself before you get a chance to beat him.

    The best way to beat Tom Brady is with a club, but first you have to make it past his and Giselle's bodyguards, and Logan Mankins.
  13. sarge

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    This had me laughing out loud
  14. Kid~Brady

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    I swear I had the whole office looking at me funny when I read this. Almost fell out the chair lol! :p
  15. Chupacabra

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    Even then, he'll throw the ball into the 15th row.
  16. seven

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    Expert Analysis:
    It suggests to me that Defensive expert Dilfer saw something,
    a Brady tendency to first look where he wants to throw?

    So, all of the Jets should run and cover that one guy!

    As a player Dilfer should be trusted here, as he spent a lot of
    time watching an excellent defense. Most of every game really,
    so he has a lot of watching experience.
    Heck, he won The Big Game™ doing that.

    But, errr... what if Brady looks over at the sideline?
    Will they all run over and stand next to Rex?.

    Now i am not so sure.
  17. Metaphors

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    Really nothing new. Just a variation on the "disrupt his rhythm" and "keep him off schedule" memes. There is a fundamental problem with pulling if off though...the Pats formations and motion cause the defense to reveal and commit a lot pre-snap. At that point, Brady's first read is not dictated by the formation, but by the matchups. Problem for the defense is that even if you can guess the matchup, there may not be anything you can do about it.

    Lots of examples from the last Jets game, but a more recent one from the Packer game. 1st and goal and Pats shift from a tight formation so that Hernandez is the lone receiver split left. The nickelback Shields follows him. That is the matchup Brady wants. You know it. I know it. Shields' mom knows it. Quick out route and a touchdown.

    The defense is 11 independent brains trying to do a coordinated activity. Change the situation and it is a lot to expect all of them to react appropriately. In the above example, if a safety moves wide with Hernandez, then Gronk or Welker are covered by a LB in the middle of the field. Drop LBs in zone to protect this and Brady checks to a run with Woodhead behind Mankins (which was probably the original call). There literally is no good answer besides hoping for a dropped pass or an offensive penalty.

    So far this year Brady has thrown 4 Hail Mary, one deep to Moss that was like a punt on 3rd-n-long, one that Moss played volleyball with and one nice play (pressure and coverage) by the Ravens. But for a guy that has really only thrown one "legit" pick all year, Brady has hit a couple of defenders square in the numbers. Why? Because those defenders gambled and almost won. The key to messing up Brady is to be random. Just stop in an unexpected place for no particular reason. Hope that Brady loses track of you and throws the interception.

    Obviously that is amazingly risky, but dude hasn't thrown a pick in 3 months. And unless you can steal a possession or two, you aren't going to win. So either throw caution to the wind or get your kicker ready for some onside kicks.
  18. PatsChamp88

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    Score more points?
  19. goheels22002

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    Over on the Jets Board they're analyzing this thing to death. It looks like Darrelle Revis is going to cover Tom Brady's mother with a free safety over the top to take away "his starting point."

    That might leave Gronkowski open underneath.
  20. Patriotic Fervor

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