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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by JaxPatsFan, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. JaxPatsFan

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    I'll be up in Foxboro for the game this upcoming Sunday (great b-day gift from the wife) and we are staying in Boston. What is the situation like taking the T from Boston? Is the station near by? Is it really crowded? Are we better just renting a car and finding a lot? Thanks for the assistance, been so fired up about the game have forgotten to figure out how to get there!
  2. Michigan Dave

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    I'd be interested as well, as I'll be in town for the Chicago game...
  3. Stokes

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    The train leaves from South Station (very easy to get to, either take the red line there, or just walk, depending on where you're staying). I've taken it a few times and never had a problem getting on, just go and grab your tickets early to be sure. Its pretty nice, drops you off right in the parking lot. The biggest problem is that it takes a long time to get there/back (at least when I've been on). If I had the option though to take the train or drive to a night game, I'd much rather take the train, getting out of the parking lot will be a disaster Sunday night.
  4. Crowpointer

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    where are you staying in Boston ? If you take the train you will not be able to tailgate. If you want to make an event out of and take in the full atmosphere I highly suggest you drive and tailgate before. I only took train once (for the Miami "snow in the air" game since I knew it would be a ***** to get there and park) It gets there right before the game and leaves right after.
  5. alamo

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    I get to 2 games a year on average, 've taken the train 3 times. It actually leaves 30 min after the game ends (or so), which sounds quick but doesn't always seem like it. One of the times the train got delayed where it has to reverse direction in Walpole and the game had just started by the time I got to my seat.

    Lately I have been driving more often. Parking is either $35 or $40. The one time I was in the main lot for a 4PM game it took forever. (Made worse by the fact the guy I was driving with saw an opening and took a shortcut, only to be stopped by a cop who gave us the choice of either going to the very end of the line or waiting until he had the time to write a ticket). The other lots on the South side of Rt 1 have been quicker, most of the lanes of traffic are moving East after the game.
  6. PatriotsNorth

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    I had the same dilemma last year when I made my first trip to Foxboro (for the Colts Monday Nighter).

    We wanted to see what the NE tailgate was like, but the train doesn't get you there early enough. There is only one train that stops at Foxboro, and it gets there I think half an hour before kickoff.

    Our solution: We took a train 4 hours prior to kickoff and got off at "Walpole" which is close to Foxboro, but on another train line. We then took a fairly cheap cab from the town of Walpole into Foxboro. It was hard getting a cab, we had to wait around...but overall it worked great. We got there plenty early, and were able to take the train back into Boston after the game. The train back was delayed though and it seemingly took forever.
  7. JaxPatsFan

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    Thanks for all of the information. We are still deciding when to head down, either on the Patriots T train or down to Walpole earlier and cab it over. Our main concern is heading back as it sounds like it is a pretty long ride to get back, especially that late at night. Are there any other alternatives? Like a bus tour to and from Boston, or a taxi line somewhere near Gillette?
  8. Michael

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    #12 Jersey

    I doubt it would be advisable to take a cab from Gillette to Boston. Foxboro is not really a suburb of Boston.

  9. denverpatsfan

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    Good Luck getting a cab in Walpole. I grew up there and didn't even know we had taxis until I read this thread. Then again things may have changed. I would call now and see if they are even working on a Sunday night.

    If you REALLY want to tailgate rent the car, have a DD, drive in early and stay late after the game.

    Or rent a limo if you have the cash. That way you won't need to worry about driving and can relax.

    If you're just there for the football, then as others have suggested take the train from Boston right to Gillette.
  10. italia44

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    Go to South Station and take the train.

    Rent a car + Parking=Extra $150

    Traffic will be a nightmare coming back from Gillette Sunday nite.

    Tailgating at a nite game isn't worth it.

    Take the the hassle

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